Greece–United Kingdom relations

Greek–British relations are foreign relations between the Greece and the United Kingdom. The two countries have been allies during the First World War and the Second World War, but also Greece received military assistance from the United Kingdom during the Greek War of Independence. Both countries currently maintain relations via the British Embassy in Athens and a consultate general in Thessaloniki and the Greek Embassy in London.

Greece and the United Kingdom maintain excellent bilateral relations with the former British Prime Minister, David Cameron, paying an official visit to Athens in 2011. Britain and Greece share a membership of the European Union, United Nations, NATO and the Council of Europe, however this may change following Britain’s future departure from the European Union. Both Britain and Greece supported the accession of Serbia to the European Union.

Britain supported Greece in the Greek War of Independence from the Ottoman Empire in the 1820s with the Treaty of Constantinople being ratified at the London Conference of 1832.

In 1850, the British Foreign Secretary Lord Palmerston sent a Royal Navy squadron to Greece over the Pacifico incident.

When the Greek King Otto was deposed by the Greeks in 1862, Queen Victoria’s son Alfred, Duke of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha was chosen to succeed him football uniform companies. However, the British government would not allow this. The current British monarch Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom’s husband Prince Philip is the grandson of Otto’s eventual successor George I of Greece.

Great Britain wrested control of the Ionian Islands from Napoleonic France in 1815 sports jerseys for kids. As the “United States of the Ionian Islands”, they remained under British control, even after Greek Independence (partly because Greece’s first, German king caused concern in London). However, in 1864, Britain responded to calls for enosis by transferring the Islands to Greece.

In 2000, Stephen Saunders, the British military attaché in Athens, was murdered by motorcycle gunmen who were members of Revolutionary Organization 17 November. The investigation that followed led to an unprecedented level of co-operation between Greek and UK Police services, who achieved, following a lengthy investigation the arrest of members of 17N who were then brought to trial.

The Conference of Hydra took place in the island of Hydra in March 2000 in order to boost further the friendship between Britain and Greece. Discussions during the conference emphasised the economic aspect of this relations and the ways to soar trade between Britain and Greece.

Greece has an embassy in London and Honorary Consulates in Belfast, Birmingham, Edinburgh, Gibraltar, Glasgow and Leeds. The United Kingdom has an embassy in Athens and a Honorary Vice Consulate in Patras and Thessaloniki. The United Kingdom also has Honorary Consulates in Crete, Corfu, Rhodes, Thessaloniki and Zakynthos.

There are between 40-45 thousand Greeks residing permanently in the UK, and the Greek Orthodox Church has a strong presence in the Archdiocese of Thyateira and Great Britain. The British cultural presence in Greece is promoted mainly through the British Council. There is a significant Greek presence of Greek students in tertiary education in the UK. A large Cypriot community – numbering 250-300 thousand – rallies round the National Federation of Cypriots in Great Britain and the Association of Greek Orthodox Communities of Great Britain. There are some 20 Greek cultural, philanthropic and professional organizations. There are seven chairs of Greek and Byzantine studies at the universities of Cambridge, Oxford electric depiller, East Anglia, Royal Holloway, Birmingham, King’s College and the London School of Economics, and two Greek Studies Centres, at the universities of Bristol and Reading best 1 liter water bottle.

A source of tension between the UK and the Greece is the dispute over the ownership of the Elgin Marbles, a collection of Classical Greek marble sculptures, inscriptions and architectural pieces that originally were part of the temple of Parthenon and other buildings on the Acropolis of Athens. Thomas Bruce, the 7th Earl of Elgin removed the Marbles between 1801 and 1812 and transported them by sea to Britain. In Britain, the acquisition of the collection was supported by some, while others likened Elgin’s actions to vandalism or looting.

The Marbles are currently held in the collection of the British Museum. After gaining its independence from the Ottoman Empire, Greece began major projects for the restoration of the country’s monuments, and has expressed its disapproval of Elgin’s actions to remove the Marbles from the Acropolis and the Parthenon, which is regarded as one of the world’s greatest cultural monuments, disputes the subsequent purchase of the Marbles by the British Government and urges the return of the marbles to Greece. The dispute is ongoing and in 2014 UNESCO agreed to mediate between Greece and the United Kingdom in resolving the dispute of the Elgin Marbles.

Perito chimico conciario

Voce principale: Perito industriale.

Nell’attuale sistema scolastico italiano, il corso di perito industriale dell’istruzione tecnica si articola in un biennio comune ed un successivo triennio di specializzazione. Tra questi vi è il perito industriale in chimica conciaria.

Il corso per conseguire il diploma di perito industriale in chimica conciaria fornisce nozioni delle applicazioni dei prodotti delle industrie conciarie, dei coloranti waterproof bag for swimming, dei prodotti biochimici ed enzimatici, della tecnica di laboratorio nella ricerca scientifica e nel controllo dei prodotti nonché degli impianti di conceria e di produzione degli estratti conciari bpa free drink bottles. Esplica la sua attività in tutte le lavorazioni dell’industria conciaria.


Religione o attività alternative; Lingua e lettere italiane football sock lad; Storia; Complementi tecnici di lingua straniera; Matematica; Fisica applicata; Chimica e laboratorio cheerleading socks wholesale; Microscopia, microbiologia conciaria e laboratorio; Zootecnia applicata alla conceria; Chimica analitica e laboratorio; Esercitazioni nei reparti di lavorazione; Educazione fisica.


Religione o attività alternative; Lingua e lettere italiane; Storia; Matematica; Chimica fisica; Merceologia; Impianti di conceria e disegno; Tecnologia conciaria, analisi e laboratorio; Chimica analitica e laboratorio; Esercitazioni nei reparti di lavorazione; Educazione fisica.


Religione o attività alternative; Lingua e lettere italiane; Storia; Elementi di diritto e di economia; Impianti di conceria e disegno; Produzione e commercio pelli; Tecnologia conciaria, analisi e laboratorio; Esercitazioni nei reparti di lavorazione; Educazione fisica.


Die Altmühltherme ist ein Thermalbad mit angeschlossenem Hallenwellenbad, Saunalandschaft und Freibad im mittelfränkischen Erholungsort Treuchtlingen. Sie wurde in ihrer derzeitigen Form im Jahr 1996 fertiggestellt. Sie wird aus zwei Thermalbohrungen gespeist.

Die Voraussetzungen für die Altmühltherme wurden im Jahr 1981 geschaffen, nachdem eine Mineralwasserfirma bei Bohrungen auf Thermalwasser gestoßen war. Später wurde eine zweite Bohrung niedergebracht. Im Jahr 1996 wurde die Therme zu einem modernen Badkomplex mit insgesamt 3200 Quadratmetern Wasserfläche erweitert und auch eine Kurmittelabteilung angeschlossen.

Das fluoridhaltige Thermalwasser aus 800 Metern Tiefe hat einen hohen Mineralgehalt. Die Temperatur des Tiefenwassers beträgt 28 Grad Celsius. In den Thermalinnen- und -außenbecken wird die Wassertemperatur auf 30 bis 36 Grad Celsius aufgeheizt. Das Wasser ist aus medizinischer Sicht zur Rehabilitation sowie zur Linderung bei Beschwerden im Wirbelsäulen- und Gelenksbereich angezeigt und kann bei neurologischen Einschränkungen und Osteoporose den Genesungsprozess fördern.

Im angeschlossenen Kurmittelzentrum Altmühlvital werden unter anderem medizinische Bäder, Massagen, Fango, Entstauungstherapien, Bewegungstherapien und Krankengymnastik angeboten.

Die Altmühltherme wird von rund 300 knee high socks wholesale.000 Personen pro Jahr besucht. Sie ist das einzige Thermalbad im Naturpark Altmühltal, dem drittgrößten Naturpark Deutschlands. Der Einzugsbereich reicht von etwa Augsburg im Süden refillable glass bottles, Ingolstadt im Osten sowie Heilbronn, Würzburg und Nürnberg im Westen und Norden.


Laser-guided bomb

A laser-guided bomb (LGB) is a guided bomb that uses semi-active laser guidance to strike a designated target with greater accuracy than an unguided bomb. First developed by the United States during the Vietnam War, laser-guided bombs quickly proved their value in precision strikes of difficult point targets. These weapons use on-board electronics to track targets that are designated by laser, typically in the infrared spectrum, and adjust their glide path to precisely strike the target

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. Since the weapon is tracking a light signature, not the object itself, the target must be illuminated from a separate source, either by ground forces, by a pod on the attacking aircraft, or by a separate support aircraft.

Data from Vietnam showed that laser-guided bombs achieved direct hits nearly 50% of the time, versus just 5.5% for unguided bombs. Because of this dramatically higher precision, laser-guided munitions can carry less explosive and cause less collateral damage than unguided munitions. Today, laser-guided bombs are one of the most common and widespread guided bombs, used by a large number of the world’s air forces.

Laser-guided weapons were first developed in the United States and United Kingdom in the early 1960s. The United States Air Force issued the first development contracts in 1964, leading to the development of the Paveway series, which was used operationally in Vietnam starting in 1968. Although there were a variety of technical and operational problems, the results were generally positive. LGBs proved to offer a much higher degree of accuracy than unguided weapons, but without the expense, complexity, and limitations of guided air-to-ground missiles like the AGM-12 Bullpup. The LGB proved particularly effective against difficult fixed targets like bridges, which previously had required huge loads of “dumb” ordnance to destroy.

It was determined that 48% of Paveways dropped during 1972–73 around Hanoi and Haiphong achieved direct hits, compared with only 5.5% of unguided bombs dropped on the same area a few years earlier. The average Paveway landed within 23 feet of its target, as opposed to 447 feet for gravity bombs. The leap in accuracy brought about primarily by laser guidance made it possible to take out heavily defended, point objectives that had eluded earlier air raids.

The most dramatic example was the Thanh Hoa Bridge, 70 miles south of Hanoi, a critical crossing point over the Red River. Starting in 1965, U.S. pilots had flown 871 sorties against it, losing 11 planes without managing to put it out of commission. In 1972 the “Dragon’s Jaw” bridge was attacked with Paveway bombs, and 14 jets managed to do what the previous 871 had not: drop the span, and cut a critical North Vietnamese supply artery.

In the wake of this success, other nations, specifically the Soviet Union pink football socks youth, France, and Great Britain, began developing similar weapons in the late 1960s and early 1970s, while US weapons were refined based on combat experience.

In October 2010, India developed its first Sudarshan laser-guided bomb with the help of IRDE, a lab of DRDO. This is a part of ongoing research to achieve self-dependency in defense area.

The United States Air Force and other air forces are now seeking to upgrade their LGBs with GPS guidance as a back-up. These weapons

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, such as the USAF Enhanced Guided Bomb Unit (part of the Paveway family), use laser designation for precision attacks, but contain an inertial navigation system with GPS receiver for back-up, so that if the target illumination is lost or broken, the weapon will continue to home in on the GPS coordinates of the original target.

Gabriel Correa

Carlos Gabriel Correa Viana (ur. 13 stycznia 1968) – piłkarz urugwajski, pomocnik. Wzrost 177 cm, waga 70 kg.

Correa rozpoczął grę w piłkę w 1982 roku w klubie River Plate Montevideo. W 1988 przeniósł się do klubu Peñarol Montevideo, którego barwy reprezentował podczas turnieju Copa América 1989, gdzie Urugwaj zdobył tytuł wicemistrza Ameryki Południowej bag cell phone. Correa zagrał w 3 meczach grupowych z Ekwadorem, Boliwią i Chile oraz w drugiej połowie wszystkich meczów finałowych z Paragwajem, Argentyną i Brazylią.

Jako piłkarz klubu Peñarol wziął udział w finałach mistrzostw świata w 1990 roku, gdzie Urugwaj dotarł do 1/8 finału. Correa zagrał tylko w jednym meczu – z Hiszpanią vintage football tops.

Po mistrzostwach przeniósł się do Hiszpanii, gdzie przez 3 lata grał w klubie Real Murcia. W 1993 przeszedł do klubu Real Valladolid, a w 1995 do klubu CP Mérida how to use tenderizer. Na koniec kariery w 1998 został graczem klubu Sevilla.

Od 1 listopada 1988 do 13 czerwca 1990 Correa rozegrał w reprezentacji Urugwaju 19 meczów i zdobył 2 bramki.

1 Álvez • 2 Gutiérrez • 3 de León • 4 Herrera • 5 Perdomo • 6 Domínguez • 7 Alzamendi • 8 Ostolaza • 9 Francescoli • 10 Paz • 11 Sosa • 12 E.Pereira • 13 Revélez • 14 Saldaña • 15 Correa16 Bengoechea • 17 Martínez • 18 Aguilera • 19 Fonseca • 20 R.Pereira • 21 Castro • 22 Zeoli • trener: Tabárez

Karlshochschule International University

The Karlshochschule International University is a state approved private owned University of Applied Sciences and Nonprofit organization in the City of Karlsruhe, Germany. It focuses on international markets and intercultural collaboration in Business

lint remover

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. Since 2009, Karlshochschule is owned by a non-commercial foundation and the Karlsruhe Chamber of Industry an Commerce (6%).

In 1903, the Merkur Akademie (M football shirt frame.A.I.) was founded steel thermos. In 1992 the first Bachelor Programs were started. In 2004 “Merkur Internationale Fachhochschule – University of Applied Sciences” was founded and state approved, starting the first programs in 2005. On 27 May 2009 “Merkur Internationale Fachhochschule” was renamed the Karlshochschule International University.

In 2009 programs were accredited by FIBAA.



Hong Kong:




Georgian Republic:


New Zealand:







Fortsetzungssatz von Dugundji

Der Fortsetzungssatz von Dugundji (engl. Dugundji extension theorem oder Dugundji extension formula) ist ein Lehrsatz der Allgemeinen Topologie, welcher auf den amerikanischen Mathematiker James Dugundji (1919–1985) zurückgeht. Er ist direkt verknüpft mit dem Satz von Tietze-Urysohn über die Fortsetzung stetiger Abbildungen normaler Räume, von dem er in gewissem Sinne eine Verallgemeinerung darstellt.

Der Satz lässt sich wie folgt formulieren:

In etwas abgewandelter wholesale soccer jersey 168, aber gleichwertiger Form lässt sich der Fortsetzungssatz von Dugundji auch so darstellen:

Der Tietze-Urysohnsche Fortsetzungssatz garantiert für normale topologische Räume allein die Existenz einer stetigen Fortsetzung in dem Fall, dass der Wertebereich


{\displaystyle K}

der zugrundeliegenden stetigen Abbildung





{\displaystyle f\colon A\rightarrow K}


{\displaystyle \mathbb {R} }



{\displaystyle {\mathbb {R} }^{n}}

, ist. Der Fortsetzungssatz von Dugundji liefert nun eine erhebliche Ausweitung dieser Aussage, die jedoch erst dadurch möglich wird, dass statt eines normalen topologischen Raums


{\displaystyle X}

ein metrischer Raum


{\displaystyle X}

zugrundegelegt wird: Die Verallgemeinerung des Wertebereichs im Satz von Dugundji ist durch eine Spezialisierung des Definitionsbereichs erkauft.

Eugene Schieffelin

Eugene Schieffelin (29 January 1827, New York, N rosle meat tenderizer.Y. — 15 August 1906, Newport, Rhode Island) belonged to the and the New York Zoological Society. He was responsible for introducing the European starling (Sturnus vulgaris) to North America.

In 1890, he released 60 starlings into New York City’s Central Park. He did the same with another 40 birds in 1891. Schieffelin wanted to introduce all the birds mentioned in the plays of William Shakespeare to North America. He may have also been trying to control the same pests that had been annoying him thirty years earlier shaver reviews, when he sponsored the introduction of the house sparrow to North America.

European starlings were not native to North America. Schieffelin imported the starlings from England. Scientists estimate that descendants from those two original released flocks now number at more than residing in the United States.

The starlings’ wildly successful spread has come at the expense of many native birds that compete with the starling for nest holes in trees. The starlings have also had negative impact on the US economy and ecosystem

His attempts to introduce bullfinches, chaffinches, nightingales, and skylarks were not successful.

Schieffelin belonged to the American Acclimatization Society, a group that aimed to help exchange plants and animals from one part of the world to another. In the 19th century, such acclimatization societies were fashionable and supported by the scientific knowledge and beliefs of that era, as the effect that non-native species could have on the local ecosystem was not yet known.

European starlings are now considered an invasive species in the United States.

Mausoleo de Saad Zaghloul

El Mausoleo de Saad Zaghloul (en árabe: ضريح سَعد زَغلول) fue construido en 1927 para conmemorar el revolucionario egipcio football t shirt design, Saad Zaghloul. Se encuentra en el centro de El Cairo, Egipto.

Saad Zaghloul (1853-1927) pasó la mayor parte de su vida adulta tratando de poner fin a la ocupación británica de Egipto y Sudán, que había comenzado en 1882. Se convirtió en un portavoz nacional por el autogobierno de Egipto y Sudán, y ocupó el cargo de primer ministro durante un tiempo. Altamente respetado water bottle carrier, incluso por los gobernadores extranjeros a los que se oponía, un mausoleo epónimo fue erigido en su honor poco después de su muerte. Construido en granito, el diseño del mausoleo se hace eco de la de los templos faraónicos, con el grabado caligráfico árabe personalized goalkeeper gloves, con una cornisa y la entrada hacia el exterior curva flanqueada por dos grandes pilares de loto. El mausoleo se construyó cerca de la casa de Zaghloul, que es conocida como Beit el-Umma o la Casa de la Nación. Se utiliza hoy en día como un museo en memoria de Zaghloul, con su mobiliario y ropa almacenados en su interior.

Tenaya Canyon

Tenaya Canyon is a dramatic and dangerous canyon in Yosemite National Park, California, USA, that runs from the outlet of Tenaya Lake 10 miles down to Yosemite Valley, carrying water in Tenaya Creek through a series of spectacular cascades and pools and thence into a deep canyon below Cloud’s Rest, a giant granite mountain adjacent to Half Dome. Waterfalls on the creek inside the canyon include Pywiack Cascade (named for Pywiack Dome) and Three Chute Falls, near Mirror Lake.

The top of the canyon can be seen from Tioga Pass Road (Route 120), which goes through Tuolumne Meadows and Tioga Pass. From Olmsted Point (a roadside viewing area) waterproof 4s case, Clouds Rest and Yosemite’s signature Half Dome dominate the canyon. At the bottom of the canyon, in Yosemite Valley, lies Mirror Lake, accessible by shuttle bus and a short walk.

The canyon has no foot trail and is notoriously difficult to navigate, particularly in spring and summer when water levels are high. Signs warn against hiking in the canyon, and the National Park Service’s maps of Yosemite “strongly discourage” it. The American Canyoneering Association gives Tenaya Canyon a rating of 3B V. The 3 is an “intermediate” rating on a scale of 1 to 4, with 4 most difficult; B is a measure of water volume on a scale of A to C; and the V indicates that the trip will take one and a half days.

The canyon has achieved notoriety because of a curse Chief Tenaya reportedly invoked in the 1850s as a result of the death of his son at the hands of a battalion intending to deport the natives of Yosemite Valley. Those who believe in the curse cite accidents, mysterious deaths, and disappearances. For example how to tenderize steak quickly, in 1996, two hikers died in the canyon. Some park rangers have reportedly referred to Tenaya Canyon as the Bermuda Triangle of Yosemite. Hiking the canyon involves dangerous exposure to heights, and even if there is minimal water in Tenaya Creek, mandatory swims, dangerous waterfalls, and cascades. Wet and slippery glacially polished granite adds to the likelihood of falling.