Manolis Bikakis

Manolis Bikakis (Greek: Μανόλης Ιωάννη Μπικάκης; 1954 – 1994) was a Greek commando and war hero, who in 1974 participated in the defense of Cyprus against its invasion by the Turkish army.

Bikakis served with the Greek Alpha Raider Squadron which was secretly airlifted to Cyprus with Operation Niki during the night of 21 July 1974 and early morning of 22. The Alpha Raider Squadron had the objective to reinforce the ELDYK units defending the island and was assigned to the airport of Nicosia. During the second phase of invasion launched on August 14 1974, the Squadron was dispersed confronting the invading Turks in the area of Ayios Dhometios. Bikakis had been ordered to provide anti-tank cover with a 90-mm M67 recoilless antitank rifle hydration belt reviews. During the clashes, he was separated from his comrades who latter presumed him dead. Bikakis fought alone for four days, holding up an entire Turkish battalion and destroying six M48A2 battle tanks with his M67.

Bikakis and his fellow raiders contributed decisively to repelling the Turkish forces in their sector, saving Nicosia from falling to them.

Despite that his commander recommended him for a Medal for Gallantry, for political reasons Bikakis did not receive any honors nor his courage was publicly recognized. Bikakis died in a car accident in 1994 while driving on GR-8A where to buy a lint shaver. He was officially honored posthumously in 2015, more than 40 years after his actions.