Estar Lejos

Estar Lejos” (English: Be Far) is a Latin pop song by Colombian recording artist Fonseca and the American musician Willie Colón. It was released as promotional single of his third album Gratitud (2008) on December 18, 2009 in United States, more later in Colombia was released as fourth single on December 31, 2010. The song was nominated in the category Best Tropical Song on the Latin Grammy Awards of 2010, but lost being “Bachata en Fukuoka” the winner in this category.

The song was written by Fonseca. During in an interview he said about the song: “Is made with my style, but is a bolero after all. Is the first time that write a bolero and there we will release”.

On November slim waist bag, 2009 Fonseca offered a live concert transmitted by the Latin music channel HTV water waist belt, where had the opportunity of perform twelve songs. One of those songs was “Estar Lejos” vacuum insulated water bottle, being so the first time that he perform the song running waist pouch. In an interview he explain the lyric content and the inspiration that born of his artistic situation: “In this profession one travels constantly although enjoy every step i take, sometimes be far hurts me too”.