Peter S. Eagleson

Peter S. Eagleson is an American hydrologist, author of Dynamic Hydrology and Ecohydrology: Darwinian Expression of Vegetation Form and Function. He has taught at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology since 1952 and is currently a Professor Emeritus. He has held professional positions including member of the National Academy of Engineering (since 1982) and President of the American Geophysical Union from 1986-1988. He has won many awards including the Stockholm International Water Institute’s World Water Prize in 1997.

Eagleson’s research interests include dynamic hydrology, hydroclimatology, and forest ecology

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. His early research was on sediment transport and wave theory best marinade to tenderize steak. He published multiple articles and book chapters about these subjects. It wasn’t until 1964 that he significantly narrowed his focus to hydrology. In 1967 Eagleson along with some of his students, published six papers in Water Resources Research. These papers immediately impacted the field of hydrology.

Eagleson has taught at MIT since 1952. He has held a chair as Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering since 1965 waist belt running.