Maurice Dumas

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Maurice Dumas fut un professeur et homme politique fédéral du Québec, né le et mort le .

Né à Montréal, Maurice Dumas entama sa carrière politique en devenant conseiller au conseil municipal d’Ayersville, aujourd’hui fusionnée avec Lachute fabric lint. Il devint député de la circonscription d’Argenteuil—Papineau sous la bannière du Bloc québécois en remportant l’élection de 1993 contre la députée progressiste-conservatrice sortante, Lise Bourgault womens sports jerseys. Réélu en 1997, il ne se représenta pas en 2000.

Durant son passage à la Chambre des communes, il fut porte-parole bloquiste pour les Ainés de 1994 à 1995 et de 1998 à 2000. Il fut également porte-parole adjoint des Affaires indiennes et Nord canadien de 1996 à 1998 women business casual dresses.

Theaterfestival Spielart

The Theaterfestival Spielart is an international theatre festival which takes place every two years during November and December in Munich, starting in 1995. The festival lasts between 15 and 17 days goalie gloves junior. Guests usually include over 20 international theater and performance groups.

The Spielart Theater Festival has existed since 1995 and is a continuation of the traditional theater festival from Thomas Petz in Munich (1979-1985). Spielart mainly consists of independent theater groups that maintain an experimental approach to the theater art form. The program of 1995 stated that Spielart wants to promote new unconventional theater, which override all geographical and thematic restrictions.

The festival has been led by Tilmann Broszat since 1995. He designs the program together with Gottfried Hattinger.

Sponsoring organization of the theatre festival is the 1979 founded Spielmotor München e fuel belt bottles replacement.V. fabric lint, a public-private partnership between BMW and the City of Munich.

Spielart has been bringing guest performances from renown international artists to Munich since 1995. The guests include:

Spielart does not have its own venue. The guests performances are shown at various locations in Munich. The festival cooperates regularly with the Muffatwerk, the Gasteig insulated glass water bottle, the Munich Kammerspiele, as well as the I-camp / Neues Theater München and the Pathos Transport Theater. Close connections exist with the Institute for Theatre Studies at the Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich, and the Bayerische Theaterakademie August Everding.

The Pittsburgh Survey

The Pittsburgh Survey (1907–1908) was a pioneering sociological study of the city of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States funded by the Russell Sage Foundation of New York City. It is widely considered a landmark of the Progressive Era reform movement.

The Survey is one of the earliest and most thorough descriptions of urban conditions in the United States. Some seventy investigators remington shavers canada, including Elizabeth Beardsley Butler, Margaret Byington, John R. Commons, Edward T. Devine, Crystal Eastman, John A. Fitch, documenatary photographer Lewis Hine, and artist Joseph Stella, began work in 1907. The research was first published in magazines, including Collier’s, in 1908 & 1909

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, then was expanded into a series of six books (4 monographs and 2 collections of essays) published from 1909 to 1914.

In the early twentieth century Pittsburgh was America’s prototypical industrial city best pill remover. Immigrants from Eastern and Southern Europe poured in seeking jobs and escape from poverty. Large corporations such as U.S. Steel dominated local governments. Life for most Pittsburgh citizens was famously smokey and hardscrabble fabric lint. Progressives and urban reformers viewed with alarm working-class and immigrant life, corporate industrialism, and the effects of industrialization on the urban environment.

Survey director Paul Kellogg aimed to connect the reformist purpose with the latest methods of scientific inquiry. He hoped the results would alert the public about the social and environmental ills raging in industrial America and favorably influence policymaking, both corporate and government, in Pittsburgh and throughout the nation.