Première Nation de Chipewyan Prairie

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La Première nation de Chipewyan Prairie est une bande indienne de la Première Nation des Tchipewyans du Nord-Est de l’Alberta au Canada how to make meat tenderizer. Elle possède trois réserves dont la principale est Janvier 194 (en). Elle a une population inscrite totale de 923 membres. Elle est membre du conseil tribal d’Athabasca Tribal Council Limited et est signataire du Traité 8 (en).

En avril 2016, la Première Nation de Chipewyan Prairie avait une population inscrite totale de 923 membres dont 57,7&nbsp running packs for runners;% vivaient hors réserve. Selon le recensement de 2011, sur une population totale de 290 personnes, toute la population connait l’anglais, 75,9 % connait une langue autochtone et personne ne connait le français. 50 % de la population a une langue autochtone encore comprise en tant que langue maternelle et 60,3 % utilisent une langue autochtone à la maison.

La Première Nation de Chipewyan Prairie est basée au sud de Fort McMurray. Elle possède trois réserves en Alberta.

La Première Nation de Chipewyan Prairie est gouvernée par un conseil de bande élu selon un système électoral selon la coutume basé sur la section 10 de la Loi sur les Indiens. Pour le mandat de 2016 à 2019, ce conseil est composé du chef Vern Janier et de trois conseillers.

Why (EP)

Why es el segundo EP de la cantante surcoreana Taeyeon, lanzado por S.M running belt for water. Entertainment el 28 de junio de 2016.

El 17 de junio de 2016 how to make meat tenderizer, fue anunciado que Taeyeon lanzaría su segundo mini-álbum titulado Why.​ Tres días después

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, se dijo que el cantante surcoreano, Dean, participaría en una de las canciones del álbum y al día siguiente, se reveló que Hyoyeon hydration pack running, compañera de grupo de Taeyeon, también colaboraría en la pista «Up & Down». ​​

Se programó para que Taeyeon cantara las canciones del álbum en programas de televisión de música de Corea del sur el 1 de julio de 2016.​ Su primera gira de conciertos titulada «Butterfly Kiss» se celebrará en Seúl y Busan en julio y agosto de 2016 respectivamente.​

El primer sencillo de Why, «Starlight», Taeyeon colaboró con el cantante Dean, y el vídeo musical fue lanzado el 25 de junio de 2016, tres días antes del lanzamiento del EP.​ El segundo sencillo titulado «Why» y el vídeo musical se lanzó el mismo día que el álbum.​

Clara Alonso (actress)

María Clara Alonso (born 2 February 1990), known professionally as Clara Alonso, is an Argentine actress, singer, and television hostess. She debuted as an actress in the 2007 Argentine remake of High School Musical. Since 2007, she has acted in various Disney Channel programs in Latin America. Alonso is best known for her lead role as “Angie Carrara” in the Disney Channel Latin America Series, Violetta.

María Clara Alonso was born on 2 February 1990 in Rosario, Argentina. Her mother is a pediatrician and pulmonary specialist, and her father is an engineer. She is the oldest child and has two younger brothers named Agustín and Ignacio. At age 2, she and her family moved to Capitán Bermúdez, a smaller city located outside of Rosario. The family later moved to Buenos Aires when she was eight years old. As a child, she practiced gymnastics, swimming, and dance. Alonso played field hockey and volleyball. She attended primary school at Cayetano Errico in Capitán Bermúdez and later graduated high school from Instituto Inmaculada de Castelar in Buenos Aires. At 8, she quit field hockey and asked her parents to enroll her in musical comedy classes at “Broadway Street”, an acting school in Haedo, Buenos Aires. She received lessons in tap, acting, and clown while attending. In addition, she participated in several plays such as Alice in Wonderland at the Astral theater.

One month after completing high school, she decided to pursue acting full-time. In 2007, she attended castings for High School Musical: La Selección. Alonso was one of the twenty people selected to participate in the musical reality competition. It was broadcast on Channel 13 and on the Disney Channel in Argentina. She was eliminated in the tenth week of competition but was later called back to be a member of a concert tour throughout Argentina. Subsequently, she was also cast in her first acting role as “Clari” in the Argentine film version of High School Musical.

During a tour stop in La Rioja, Argentina for the film’s concert, she attracted the attention of Disney Channel Latin America producers who later cast her as a hostess in “Zapping Zone” how to make meat tenderizer, a youth-targeted celebrity entertainment show for Argentina. She hosted the program alongside Daniel Martins and Carolina Ibarra. Due to the show’s success, it began airing in other countries throughout South America.

From April 27 to May 2, 2008, she traveled to Orlando best hydration pack for running, Florida to participate in the Disney Channel Games 2008. In Latin America, the program aired from September 5 to October 3. She was part of the green team called “The Cyclones”, alongside several international Disney stars such as Jason Dolley, Jennifer Stone, Chelsea Staub, Joe Jonas, Brad Kavanagh, Dylan Sprouse and team captain David Henrie. Her team finished in third place with 55 points.

On October 21, 2008, during a taping of “Zapping Zone”, Alonso premiered her debut single “A mi alrededor” with the collaboration of Sophie Oliver Sanchéz. A music video was also filmed and aired throughout Latin America on Disney Channel. This was her first solo single for Walt Disney Records’ label.

In 2010, she starred in the Disney Channel mini-series Highway: Rodando la Aventura which is the fourth original production of Disney Channel Latin America. The series tells the story of a group of eight friends in a motorhome traveling throughout Latin America. Alonso played a young perfectionist, who was obsessed with cleanliness and order. That same year she began working as a voice-over actress on the Spanish-language version of the Disney Channel series Pecezuelos.

In August 2010, she traveled to São Paulo, Brazil to shoot a two-part episode for the Disney Channel series “Cuando toca la campana”, which is based on the original US version, As the Bell Rings. She played Jennifer, a new student in the final days of the school year. The first part of the episode aired on Disney Channel on December 1, 2011, while the second part of the episode was aired on December 8, 2011. After spending more than four years on “Zapping Zone” waist belt water bottle holder, Alonso announced her departure from the show on August 12, 2011.

In March 2012, she appeared in an episode in the Disney XD series Latin America show, “Peter Punk”, where she played “Piranha”, a very determined teenage punk. In 2012, she was cast as “Angie”, the estranged aunt and music teacher of the title character metal canteen water bottle, in the tween musical Disney Channel series, Violetta. Alonso also lent her vocals to several recordings featured on the series first and second seasons. Filming for both seasons occurred in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The show was also filmed additional scenes in Madrid, Spain for the second season.

In February 2014, Alonso began rehearsals for the musical theatre production Groupie in Buenos Aires. The play is based on Beatles songs and their cultural and social impact in Buenos Aires in 1963. It premiered at The Cavern in Buenos Aires on June 4, 2014. Alonso played “Sandra” in the production. On March 21, 2014, Alonso confirmed with fans via her official Twitter account that she would continue playing “Angie” for the third season of Violetta.

During March and April 2014, she traveled to Milan, Italy, to film Angie e le ricette di Violetta (“Angie and Violetta’s recipes” in English), a special cooking v-log mini-series based on Violetta. The role was Alonso’s first Italian-speaking part, and the series’ first season consisted of 20 episodes. After filming the mini-series, Alonso returned to Argentina to work on the third and final season of Violetta. Angie e le ricette di Violetta premiered on June 9, 2014, on the Disney Channel in Italy. In late November 2014, Violetta concluded production on its third and final season in Buenos Aires. The third season premiered in Argentina on July 28, 2014. The series finale aired on February 6, 2015 in Argentina.

For one week in mid-January 2015, Alonso filmed the second season of Angie e le ricette di Violetta in Milan, Italy. Following the conclusion of production on the series, she revealed to fans via her official Facebook page that the show marked her final project with Disney after an eight-year career with the network.

In June 2015, she shot the Spanish-language short film, Jazmin de invierno ( “Jasmine’s Winter” in English) in Buenos Aires. A trailer was released in July 2015 on her official YouTube channel. The project is her first post-Disney role. The film was later released on YouTube in late November 2015. In mid-July, she travelled to Rome, Italy to begin filming the web series, Lontana da me (“Far away from me” in English). The web mini series completed filming in early August 2015. On November 17, 2015, the series premiered for streaming on Rai 1’s official website. In mid-September 2015, it was revealed that Alonso would take part in the film, Tini, el gran cambio de Violetta, a continuation of the TV series, Violetta. The movie began filming on location in Sicily on October 7, 2015. Additional scenes were filmed in Taormina, Italy, Rome, Madrid, Buenos Aires, and Cádiz, Spain. Filming concluded in mid-December 2015. The film was later released in Europe and Latin America during May 2016. It premiered in Argentina on June 2, 2016.

For several days in early February 2017, Alonso filmed the short movie, “Insane Love”, directed by Italian filmmaker, Eitan Pitigliani, in Rome, Italy.

On January 26, 2015, Alonso was announced as a contestant on third season of the reality competition Notti sul ghiaccio (“Nights on Ice” in English) for the Italian network Rai 1. The competition pairs celebrities with professional ice skaters. Alonso trained for the competition in Rome, performing a new routine each week. The season premiered on February 21, 2015, and aired Saturday evenings in Italy on Rai 1. The competition ended on March 21, 2015, where Alonso and her partner, Marco Garavaglia, finished in 3rd place out of 11 contestants.

In October 2016, she and boyfriend Diego Domínguez were announced as cast members and partners for the Italian dance competition reality show, “Dance, Dance, Dance”. The show premiered on Fox Life in Italy on December 21, 2016. It features contestants recreating dances from popular music videos , musicals, and films. On March 15, 2017 Alonso and her boyfriend won first season of “Dance Dance Dance”.

At 19, she moved from Castelar to Buenos Aires. In November 2015, she moved to Madrid, Spain to continue her acting career. She speaks English and Italian. In 2013, she began learning Italian in order to work in Italy. In 2012, she began dating Spanish actor Diego Domínguez, who she co-starred with in Violetta. She holds Argentine and Italian citizenship. Her great-grandparents were from Marche, Italy.