Cotuit Hall

Cotuit Hall is part of the EF International Academy’s campus in Oxford stainless steel water bottle insulated, England. Until 2011 it was one of the halls of residence at Oxford Brookes University.

The hall was originally named Napier House after its commissioner and first occupant, Arthur Sampson Napier. A fellow of Merton College and professor of English language and literature, he employed the architect Harry Wilkinson Moore to design a house for himself, his wife, their six children and four servants.

The house was to be built on land he had recently purchased in Pullen’s Lane at the top of Headington Hill, an area of growing favour among Oxford academics. The house was completed in 1892, and Napier lived there with his family until his death in 1916.

Napier House was then bought at auction by Headington School, who used the building to house their junior department. In 1930, the senior school moved into new buildings, and the junior section moved into its current location on the south side of London Road (where the senior school had previously been). The name of Napier House moved with the school.

The building meat marinade tenderizer, thus vacated, reverted for a time to being a private dwelling, and was given its current name of Cotuit Hall. The origin of the name is uncertain: Cotuit is the name of a village in Cape Cod, Massachusetts waterproof case for 4s.

In this period, it was occupied by Redvers Opie, fellow and tutor in Economics at Magdalen College. From the 1940s until 1958, Cotuit Hall was the City of Oxford Children’s Home,which relocated to windmill rd headington to become Windmill House

In the late 1950s, it again became a private house, occupied by the Reverend D. B. Jones reusable glass water bottles, but by 1962 it had become a Hostel of the College of Technology, which later became the Polytechnic and then Oxford Brookes University.

In 2011 it was sold by Oxford Brookes University to the EF International Academy, who use it for students aged 16–18 taking two-year A-level or International Baccalaureate residential courses.


Shane Horgan

Shane Patrick Horgan (born 18 July 1978) is a former rugby union player who played wing or centre for Leinster and Ireland.

He was born on 18 July 1978 in Bellewstown, County Meath. When Horgan was young he played for Boyne RFC. He also played Gaelic football at Minor (U18) level with Meath. He was educated at a boys’ Catholic school, in Drogheda, and was active in their rugby team. Horgan joined Lansdowne on leaving school in 1997.

Horgan made his debut for Leinster in 1998. He played for Leinster 87 times in the Heineken Cup, ranking fifth in career Heineken Cup appearances football shirts custom. He scored 27 tries during his Heineken Cup career, ranking him fourth on the list of most career tries scored in Heineken Cup competition. His most prolific Heineken Cup season was 2004–05, when Horgan was the leading try scorer with 8 tries. He was a member of a Leinster backline which included Brian O’Driscoll, Gordon D’Arcy, Denis Hickie meat marinade tenderizer, Felipe Contepomi, Isa Nacewa, Rob Kearney and Jonathan Sexton.

Horgan made his debut for the Ireland senior side against Scotland in the 2000 Six Nations Championship, scoring a try in the process. In the following game against Italy he scored 2 tries and added another one against Wales during the tournament. He was selected for the 2005 British and Irish Lions tour to New Zealand. He was used as a substitute during all three tests. After scoring the winning try against England at Twickenham in the 2006 Six Nations Championship to secure the Triple Crown for the second time in three years, he became a new national hero. Horgan added to his following in 2007 when he scored a try against England in Croke Park by executing a Gaelic football style catch from a Ronan O’Gara crossfield kick. Horgan is known by the Irish media and rugby fans as “Shaggy”.[citation needed]

Horgan showed a return to something near the levels of performance of his earlier career in early 2011 but injury towards the end of the club season forced him to miss out on the 2011 Rugby World Cup.

On 28 March 2012, Horgan announced his retirement with immediate effect having failed to regain full fitness following surgery on a long-term knee injury.

Horgan has three older sisters Maria, Sharon and Lorraine and one younger brother, Mark.

Horgan studied law at Portobello College and is completing a master’s degree at Trinity College Dublin.

He currently works as trainee solicitor at Lee & Thompson in London, as well as regularly appearing on RTÉ Sport as an analyst in their rugby coverage.

One Life to Live characters (1980s)

This is a list of characters from the ABC Daytime soap opera One Life to Live that began their run between the beginning of 1980 and the end of 1989.

Austin Buchanan is a fictional character on the ABC Daytime soap opera One Life to Live. The fraternal nephew of Asa Buchanan, the role was played by actor David Gautreaux from March 1989 until the character’s onscreen death in August of that year.

Olympia Buchanan (maiden name Bonard) is a fictional character on the ABC Daytime soap opera One Life to Live. The first wife of Asa Buchanan and mother of Bo and Clint, the role was played by Taina Elg from August 1980 through Olympia’s onscreen death in early January 1982. She was first seen in Paris as “Nichole Bernard” when Pat Ashley and Bo Buchanan were there on vacation, but ended up the prisoner of ex-husband Asa in the creepy mansion “Moorecliffe” where Asa’s nephew Rafe Garretson took care of her. Olympia managed to escape several times, interrupting Asa and Samantha Vernon’s wedding celebration. It was at this masked ball that she shot Asa and in a struggle with Samantha fell over a balcony mortally wounding herself. On her deathbed, she revealed to Bo that his real father was Yancy Ralston, although this was later to be proven a lie. It was later revealed that Olympia truly loved Asa and her sons Clint and Bo but that Asa’s unfaithfulness and corrupt ways had driven her to madness.

Cassandra “Cassie” Callison (originally Reynolds; formerly Coronal, Carpenter, and Buchanan) is a fictional character on the American ABC daytime drama One Life to Live. She is the daughter of Dr. Dorian Cramer Lord and musician David “David Renaldi” Reynolds, and adopted by former stepfather and attorney Herb Callison. The role was portrayed for the longest duration by actress Laura Koffman.

In 1981, a young girl named Cassie Reynolds appeared and soon revealed herself as Dorian’s daughter. Dorian had been in medical school when she had given birth to Cassie, whose father David Renaldi had run off with her. Mother and daughter reunited, and Dorian’s husband Herb Callison adopted Cassie. In 1985, Cassie became engaged to Rob Coronal, but by 1986 their marriage had ended in divorce. Dorian left Llanview in 1987 (and became the U.S. Ambassador to Mendorra) after discovering that Cassie was having an affair with Dorian’s boyfriend, private detective Jon Russell. Cassie and Jon’s relationship later fizzled as she reunited with ex-husband Rob.

Cassie lives with a returned Melinda in Dorian’s penthouse, but leaves town in 1988. Dorian returns in 1989, followed by Cassie in 1991.

Much to Dorian’s chagrin, Cassie becomes involved with Bo Buchanan; Dorian’s machinations (and a failed attempt to kill Cassie by Bo’s insane ex, Alex Olanov) do not stop the couple from marrying. Immediately after the wedding, however, Bo’s presumed-dead wife Sarah Gordon appears, very much alive buy goalie gloves. An anguished Bo chooses to stay with Cassie, but their marriage later falls apart after Cassie realizes Bo is still in love with Sarah.

In 1993, Cassie marries the Reverend Andrew Carpenter; she later miscarries their son, William. She finds an abandoned baby in the manger outside St. James Church. Beth, the mother of Cassie’s foundling, appears but soon dies; her last wish is for Cassie and Andrew to adopt baby River.

After baby William’s death, Cassie and Andrew’s marriage was never quite the same. Prior to their adopting River, Cassie suffered a mental breakdown, and Andrew nearly fell into an affair with close friend Marty Saybrooke. The Carpenters’ marriage seemed to be getting back on even footing as they focused on raising their new son River, but when Cassie went back to work as a journalist at The Banner in 1997, she began a tempestuous working relationship with rival reporter Kevin Buchanan, one that slowly blossomed into mutual passion. Cassie broke her wedding vows and began an affair with Kevin, ruining her marriage and her reputation, even losing custody of River in the ensuing divorce and custody battle. Kevin and Cassie were deeply in love, however, and Kevin risked his life to save Cassie from the inferno that burnt down the Cramer homestead in Canton, Ohio meat marinade tenderizer. Meanwhile, Cassie’s long-lost father, David Renaldi, returned to Llanview, stricken with ALS, to reconnect with his daughter and new grandson.

Wounded in the fire in Canton, Kevin became enamored of his hospital nurse, Barbara Graham, who developed an obsessive fixation on Kevin after their brief affair went sour. Turning murderous, Barbara attempted to kill Cassie, whom she believed stood in the way of her future with Kevin. On September 15, 1998, Barbara lured Cassie to the docks in the warehouse district of Llanview and attempted to gun her down; instead, she murdered Drew Buchanan and gravely injured Cassie, leaving her paralyzed and using a wheelchair. Eventually, Cassie discovered that Barbara was the shooter, and her rage and fury left her mind once again unhinged. Cassie turned the tables on Barbara, blackmailing her with knowledge of her crime, forcing Barbara to participate in her wedding to Kevin and become Cassie’s personal nurse. As Cassie slowly regained the use of her legs, she hid the truth from her friends and family. Finally, Cassie dragged Barbara to a bell tower at gunpoint, attempting to force her to jump to her death. Kevin and Andrew arrived just in time to stop Cassie. Cassie was institutionalized, and Barbara was arrested.

When Kevin and the family visited Cassie, they discovered she had suffered a full psychotic break, believing she was still happily married to Andrew. Andrew and Kevin both attempted to break through to her, to little avail. Cassie’s mother, Dorian, had never approved of Cassie and Kevin’s relationship, and in early 1999 decided to send Cassie to Switzerland for further treatment. Kevin fought her every step of the way, even stowing away on the private plane bound for Switzerland to try one last time to get through to his wife. In a brief moment of lucidity, Cassie begged Kevin to let her go. Heartbroken, Kevin returned to Llanview and agreed to have his marriage annulled.

Since her exit in 1999, Cassie had made a series of recurring appearances. In the years since Cassie’s departure to Switzerland, it was revealed that she was slowly recovering, and eventually River was even sent out of the country to spend time with his mother. Cassie herself finally reappeared in December 2001, as a guest at Todd and Blair’s wedding. Cassie explained that she was almost fully recovered and living in Switzerland, and shared a somewhat awkward reunion with her cousin Kelly, who had since gone on to marry Kevin herself.

Fully recovered, Cassie next returned a year later in November 2002, rushing to Blair’s aid after she was apparently attacked by mob hitmen. Cassie believed Blair had been rendered catatonic, and was tasked to take her out of the country. In reality, Todd and Blair had used Cassie to lure away her supposed assailants with the help of a body double, while Blair hid out at Todd’s penthouse.

While back in town for Blair, Cassie also recounted her harrowing experiences with Mitch Laurence for Viki and Bo. Nothing could have prepared her for the shock of her life when she returned the following March to see Dorian, only to discover that her mother was marrying the resurrected Mitch – the man who had tried to rape Cassie! Cassie and Blair watched in shock and disgust as Dorian and Mitch took their unholy vows, and gained control of the Lord fortune. Cassie did not yet realize that Dorian was conning Mitch in the hopes of winning his trust and destroying him. Dorian haltingly tried to explain things to her daughter, but Cassie left town in disgust for her new home in Savannah. Later that year, on Mother’s Day, Cassie and Dorian made peace after Cassie discovered Dorian and Blair’s efforts to murder Mitch. Meanwhile, a now-teenaged River came home from Savannah to spend time with his father and grandmother. During this visit, Cassie also painfully reunited with Kevin and Kelly.

In the fall of 2003, Cassie was part of the Cramers’ competition to win “Aunt Betsy’s” inheritance, but was immediately disqualified due to her own “lapses in judgment” with Andrew and Kevin. In 2004, Cassie returned, furious about River’s relationship with Adriana Colon, his newfound “aunt”. She and Adriana eventually made peace, and Cassie returned to Savannah, where she resides to this day. Dorian calls Cassie to warn her about a returned Mitch on February 15, 2010. She then returns to Llanview with her ex-husband, Andrew, in tow and reveals that Melinda has died. Following a short reunion with her mother, sisters and, cousins Cassie returns to Savannah. When Bo and Nora remarry, it is revealed that Andrew traveled back with her, to visit River.

Laurel Chapin Wolek is a fictional character on the ABC Daytime soap opera One Life to Live. Actress Janice Lynde appeared in the role from November 1983 until the character’s death in November 1985. She came on as the mistress of mobster Alex Coronal and mother of his son, Rob. Laurel fell in love with Dr. Larry Wolek whom she eventually married. During that time, their happiness was threatened by a psychopath named Tracy James. When Larry’s old enemy, Dr. Ivan Kipling, came back from the dead, Laurel, in fear of being stalked by him, drove her car off the road, causing her death.

Ted Clayton is a fictional character on the ABC Daytime soap opera One Life to Live. The role was originated on the series by actor Keith Charles in May 1980, a role he played through 1981. The role was assumed in 1981 by Mark Goddard, playing Ted until he is killed onscreen by police Lt. Ed Hall (Al Freeman, Jr.) in November 1981.

Wade Coleman is a fictional character on the ABC Daytime serial One Life to Live. The role was played by actor Doug Wert debuted June 1987, appearing continually until July 1989. Wade was a troubled young man who reformed with the help of Mary Louise Denniston. He was the son of Roberta Coleman, a former cellmate’s of Dorian’s.

Rob Coronal is a fictional character on the ABC Daytime soap opera One Life to Live. The role was originated from August 1984 until 1986 by Ted Marcoux. Actor Mark Arnold assumed the role in August 1987, playing Mark through the character’s last appearance in 1989. Rob was the illegitimate son of Laurel Chapin and Alex Coronal and eventually married Cassie Cramer. After their divorce, they would briefly date again, but he also would become involved with her aunt, Melinda Cramer.

Mari Lynn Dennison Coleman is a fictional character on the ABC Daytime soap opera One Life to Live. The role was played by actress Tammy Amerson from August 15, 1986 through July 1989.

Arriving in fictional Llanview in August 1986, Mari Lynn is soon seduced into becoming a disciple of cult leader Mitch Laurence. Ultimately, she breaks free of the cult and marries Wade Coleman onscreen June 9, 1988. She later becomes a star of the fictional soap opera (within a soap opera) Fraternity Row alongside Megan Gordon, leaving town in July 1989.

Actor Lee Patterson returned to the ABC Daytime serial One Life to Live and fictional Llanview in the role of widower Thomas “Tom” Dennison with his daughter Mari Lynn in August 1986. Everyone in town — especially Victoria “Viki” Lord Buchanan (Erika Slezak) — are shocked at his near-exact resemblance to the late Joe Riley (Patterson), Viki’s first on-screen husband and father to her first two children. It is ultimately revealed that Tom is Joe’s long-lost twin put up for adoption at birth. Tom and Viki engage in a brief affair before he leaves town in 1988.

Lee Halpern, a former prostitute for Renée Divine (Patricia Elliott) and now a business partner of Max Holden (James DePaiva), arrives in Llanview in 1987 and turns out to be Carol Harper Dennison, Tom’s presumed-dead wife. Her awkward reunion with her daughter is cut short when Lee is accidentally shot to death by Mari Lynn in 1988.

Renée Divine Buchanan is a fictional character from the ABC Daytime soap opera One Life to Live. The role was portrayed by Phyllis Newman from 1987 to 1988 and Patricia Elliott from 1988 through 2011. Elliott was taken off contract in November 2003 and her screen time became increasingly infrequent.

Renée arrives in Llanview in 1987 as the former employer of Lee Halpern, secretly once a prostitute at Renée’s Strip Club in Georgia. She soon runs into Asa Buchanan, her old flame; they rekindle their romance and marry on November 30, 1988 in a double wedding with Asa’s grandson Cord Roberts, who remarries ex-wife Tina Lord.

Mobster Carlo Hesser—another of Renée’s exes—appears in Chesnut Hills in 1990. Asa and Renée divorce in 1992 when Asa discovers old love letters that Carlo had sent Renée, but Asa and Renée eventually wed again on May 18, 1999. It is revealed that Renée had conceived a son by Asa when they had been involved in their youth, and had put the boy up for adoption. Max Holden poses as the missing heir, but Asa and Renée’s real son turns out to be Ben Davidson, adoptive brother of Sam Rappaport and love interest of Asa’s former daughter-in-law Victoria “Viki” Lord Carpenter. Asa and Renée divorce in 2001.

Renee and Asa remarry for the last time on February 14, 2004. The marriage ends with Asa’s offscreen death on August 16, 2007. Afterwards, Renee is seldom seen, but resides in Llanview running the Palace Hotel. On August 23 and 24, 2011, Renee is seen at Ava’s gravesite alongside Asa’s son Bo Buchanan, in honor of the fourth anniversary of Asa’s death.

Rafe Garretson is a fictional character on the ABC Daytime soap opera on One Life to Live originated by Ken Meeker in February 1980. Meekler continued in the role until his last appearance on the series in 1991. Rafe was the nephew of wealthy Asa Buchannan and was utilized by his uncle to take care of Asa’s presumed dead wife Olympia. After Asa’s marriage to Samantha Vernon came to an end, Rafe fell in love with her and they were married. When a pregnant Samantha was shot and ended up brain dead, Delilah Ralston took on her embryo, eventually giving birth to a daughter, Sammi. Delilah and Rafe fell in love and were married but after she was kidnapped by the Sanders family, he was left alone until she turned up a year later. Their marriage eventually ended when Delilah left to pursue a singing career, and Rafe eventually left Llanview too.

Samantha “Sammi” Garretson is a fictional character on the ABC Daytime soap opera on One Life to Live. The character was considered a “miracle child,” extracted as an embryo from the womb of her recently deceased mother Samantha Vernon and implanted in a family friend Delilah Ralston, whom her father Rafe later married. First appearing onscreen at birth May 16, 1985, the character was soon SORASed to a six-year-old at the introduction of child actor Danielle Harris to the role, and last appeared in 1987.

Roger Gordon is a fictional character on the ABC Daytime soap opera One Life to Live. The role was played by actor Larry Pine from its debut in 1988 through 1992.

Roger Gordon, an archeologist, arrived on the scene determined to convince both his daughters to move away from Llanview with him. Just as he and Sarah were about to leave town (after having convinced Megan to follow them to California), Roger overheard news that Viki had found the long-lost daughter she had spent months searching for. Inexplicably, Roger changed his plans and refused to leave town! Roger knew that the ‘long-lost daughter’ was a fraud – because Megan was the real missing Lord heir.

As a child, Roger Gordon’s family participated in Victor Lord’s disastrous, secret ‘Eterna’ project (in which a small underground city was created under Llantano Mountain). Against the wishes of the Eterna citizens themselves, they were sealed off from the outside world and abandoned to die. Roger’s parents managed to break their teenaged son out of imprisonment. Once outside, Roger met and fell in love with a then-teenaged Victoria Lord. The teens married, made love, and Viki became pregnant with Roger’s child. But Victor intervened, and instigated an accident that turned Viki into her alter ego Niki Smith for many months. Niki ran away to New York City and carried her baby to full term. Just as she was about to give birth, Victor tracked her down and forced her to return to Llanview with him. A very young Larry Wolek (still in med school at the time) delivered the baby, and Niki reverted to Viki immediately afterward. Victor hushed up the whole incident (including hiring a hypnotist to erase Viki’s memory of the incident) and gave the baby to Roger. Roger later married Carrie Gordon, and the two passed Megan off as their own child (Carrie was the birth mother of Sarah & Anna. She was already divorced from Roger when he arrived in Llanview. Carrie appeared only rarely.)

Roger confessed to Viki that Megan was their daughter. Megan was initially less than thrilled to hear the news (she and Viki did not get along), but then developed a close rapport with Viki and the Buchanan family (especially Viki’s other daughter Jessica). Both Roger and Viki began to feel their old teenaged passions rekindling, even though Viki was married to Clint at the time. However, Roger eventually realized he could never have what he once had with Viki, so he left town and allowed Viki to get on with her life.

Megan Gordon Harrison is a fictional character on the ABC Daytime soap opera One Life to Live. The role was originated in 1988 by actress Jessica Tuck, who regularly appeared until 1993. Tuck returned for guest appearances in 1999, 2004, and 2012.

Larry Wolek tries to talk Viki out of attending her high school reunion in 1988; it is soon revealed that Viki had left school and had a baby — delivered by Larry. Viki’s father Victor had sent her to a hypnotist, who had wiped away all memories of the experience. Viki is determined to find her daughter; meeting Roger Gordon ultimately brings Viki’s memories flooding back in 1989. Roger and Viki had fallen in love, but his apparent death had shocked Viki into reverting into Niki Smith; Niki had been in control during the pregnancy, with Viki reemerging briefly during childbirth. One of Roger’s daughters is Viki’s child; unfortunately, it is not sweet family friend Sarah, but her self-absorbed sister Megan Gordon — despised by Viki since Megan’s appearance in Llanview in 1988. Megan, a soap opera star and major diva, has a passionate romance with Max Holden and feuds with rival actress Summer Skye while working on Bo Buchanan’s soap Fraternity Row. Later, Megan softens towards Viki and develops a close relationship with her mother, then settles down with dashing international man of mystery Jake Harrison, her true love. But love can’t save Megan from the ravages of lupus, which takes her life in early 1992. Surrounded by friends and family, Megan dies in Jake’s arms, and later appears as a blithe spirit to help Jake and her loved ones through troubled times. Megan’s most recent spiritual visitation was in 2004, when she helped Viki cope with the loss of her husband Ben Davidson.

On January 9, 2012, Megan appeared to Viki during her third trip to Heaven. This time Megan tried to guide and convince her mother to cross over into the afterlife, after Viki continually comments how she is so tired. However, as Viki and Megan approach Heaven’s gates, Clint goes running up from Hell, declares his love for her and states how they have conquered the odds before, and that can do so again. Clint’s words prove stronger than Megan’s as Viki ultimately chooses to give life another chance with Clint and is revived by paramedics, as Megan smiles on happily.

Sarah Gordon Buchanan is a fictional character on the ABC Daytime soap opera, One Life to Live. The role was originated by actress Jensen Buchanan in 1987, a role she played until 1990. Grace Phillips stepped into the role in 1991, playing the character through 1993.

Sarah, nicknamed “Paradise” by Bo, was the first member of the Gordon family to arrive in Llanview. While she was only on the show for a short time, she was a part of many memorable storylines, including Mendorra and Badderly Island. Born off-screen in 1965 to Roger and Carrie Gordon, Sarah grew up as the second of three daughters and came to Llanview in October 1987. As a therapist specializing in training newly-blind people to live without their sight, Sarah became a counselor to Clint Buchanan, who had been blinded by a gunshot wound to the head. Early on, Sarah stated that her desire to help the blind was inspired by working with her sister Anna (never seen) who was blind from birth and died young. Sarah started out as Tina Lord’s rival for Cord Roberts’ affection, but Sarah and Cord never progressed far in their relationship. She later met the love of her life, Bo Buchanan, on the set of Fraternity Row, where she was working as a consultant. Though the two were deeply in love with each other, they often found themselves in dangerous situations that threatened their future. In 1989, Bo was sentenced to time in prison after being found guilty of killing Alicia Grande. Believing that Bo was being framed by his cousin Austin Buchanan, Sarah set out to get the truth and exonerate Bo by seducing Austin (who was obsessed with her) and tricking him into telling her the truth. Her plan, which was successful, had dire consequences. After discovering the tape recorder that Sarah was hiding under her blouse, Austin forced her to have sex in Asa’s garage. Bo was ultimately set free thanks to the recorded confession, but Sarah’s relationship with Bo suffered because she refused to tell him the truth about the rape; she was terrified that Bo would never be able to love her the same way again if he found out that she’d been violated by Austin. Unfortunately, Sarah wasn’t able to keep the truth from Bo when she discovered that she was pregnant with Austin’s baby. Always supportive, Bo stood by Sarah as she struggled with the decision to terminate the pregnancy or not. Ultimately she never had to make a choice because she suffered a miscarriage.

Despite the drama resulting from Austin’s rampage, Bo and Sarah’s relationship blossomed and the two became engaged. Their plan was to marry on Valentine’s Day 1990, but Sarah was once again swept up into trouble when she was summoned to the kingdom of Mendorra to work with the future king, Prince Raymond, who was progressively losing his sight. Accompanied by Megan and Ambassador to Mendorra, Dorian Lord, Sarah walked right into a trap set by Raymond’s scheming brother Roland cheap fuzzy socks. In an effort to steal the throne from his brother, Roland kidnapped Megan and Dorian to force Sarah into a marriage with his brother. Because Sarah was a commoner, Raymond would have to abdicate the throne, making Roland next in line. Little did Roland suspect that Bo and his nephew Cord were on their way to Mendorra to save Sarah, Megan and Dorian after Sarah subtly signaled her fiance that something was wrong during a live television broadcast. Unbeknownst to Roland, Bo took Raymond’s place at the altar and married Sarah in a lavish royal wedding, thwarting his plans to become king. With Raymond’s help, Bo, Sarah, and Megan were finally able to escape from Mendorra, but only after Raymond was forced to shoot and kill his brother near the Austrian/Mendorran border. A little over a month later, on March 21, Bo and Sarah were legally married in a small ceremony held at Llanfair.

Soon after, Bo planned a location shoot for a prime time Fraternity Row movie and after looking at several exotic locations, he settled on Badderly, an island off the coast of Canada that was home to a deserted four-star resort. It seemed like the perfect location with private beaches and a large estate, but he wasn’t the only one who had his eyes set on the secluded island resort. Johnny Dee, Carlo Hesser’s lawyer and secret son, had arranged a meeting on Badderly with Frank “Whitey” Whitehead, one of Carlo’s rivals, and several other top mob bosses to forge an uneasy peace with one another and discuss their plans to flood Llanview with drugs, which were being manufactured on the island. What Johnny hadn’t counted on was Bo ending up with Whitey’s invitation to the meeting. Because no one knew what the real Whitey looked liked (he always avoided having his picture taken), Bo was easily mistaken for the reclusive Whitehead by Johnny and his guests and welcomed into the soiree. To make matters worse, Sarah, Megan, Cord, Lucky Lippmann and Spring Skye also ended up on the island, each one taking on a new persona to pose as Whitey’s entourage. Sarah, using a fake Texas accent and donning a curly blond wig, found herself constantly having to run interference for Bo after Hesser’s daughter, Charlotte, set her sights on seducing him. It wasn’t until Jake Harrison arrived on Badderly days later that Charlotte forgot all about “Whitey” and shifted her focus to Jake. After several more days on the island and a few mishaps later (Megan nearly drowning and Sarah almost dying in a pit of quicksand), Bo and his crew finally discovered the secret location of the drug manufacturing lab and were able to destroy the operation and bring down Johnny and his men. Thinking that the entire ordeal was over, everyone returned to Llanview to get back to their lives.

Sarah became a witness to the drug-trafficking activities of Carlo Hesser, who kidnapped her, and was thought to have killed her. Sarah turned up alive, just as Bo was about to marry Cassie Callison. Sarah and Bo divorced, but reconciled, all during a time in which Sarah was a major suspect in the first murder investigation of Carlo Hesser. Tragically, Sarah was killed on November 25, 1992 when the car she was riding in with Bo was run off of Llantano Bridge by a truck on the night before their wedding. Their car landed in the water and Sarah, who wasn’t wearing her seat belt, died shortly after impact while Bo sustained only minor injuries.

Lee Halpern (originally Carol Harper; formerly Dennison) is a fictional character from the ABC Daytime soap opera One Life to Live. The role was first played by Janet Zarish from 1987 until 1988, then again from April 2, 2008 until November 11, 2008 and January 12, 2009 until February 3, 2009. In 2008, the character assumes the alias Janet Ketring.

Lee Halpern arrives in Llanview in 1987 as a former prostitute for Renee Divine and now business partner of Max Holden. She marries Charles Sanders, former US Ambassador to the European principality of Mendorra, during a drunken night in Las Vegas, and he dies of a heart attack on their wedding night. It is soon revealed that Lee is in fact Carol Harper Dennison, the presumed-dead wife of Tom Dennison and mother to Tom’s daughter, Mari Lynn. The revelation of Carol’s past as a prostitute had ended her marriage to Tom, and she had subsequently chosen to fake her death. Lee’s awkward reunion with her daughter is cut short when it appears that Lee is accidentally shot to death by Mari Lynn in 1988.

In April 2008, private nurse Janet Ketring appears in Llanview, helping Lee Ramsey care for a bedridden and amnesiac Marty Saybrooke. Ramsey is killed and Todd Manning secretly takes custody of Marty, whom all of Llanview believes had been killed in an explosion in December 2007. Todd coerces Janet to continue tending to Marty under his employ. For the sum of $1 million, Janet also agrees to keep Marty’s existence a secret. Neither Marty nor Janet are aware that Todd had raped Marty over a decade before. Seeking absolution for his crimes against Marty at any cost, Todd lies about their relationship as well as the existence of Marty’s son. During a conversation with Todd, Janet reveals that she is estranged from her loved ones and claims she is “dead to them.” Llanview Police Detective John McBain discovers that Janet is, in fact, Lee Halpern. He uses this information to try to pressure Janet into revealing that her mystery patient is, as he now suspects, the presumed-dead Marty. Janet is horrified to hear from John that Todd had raped Marty and is keeping her from her son. Janet confronts Todd, who also knows her true identity and threatens to expose her unless she continues to keep his secret. He soon forces her to assist him in his intended kidnapping of his unborn grandchild. Todd calls off the plan, but his mentally ill niece Jessica Buchanan switches her own stillborn baby girl with the newborn daughter of Todd’s daughter Starr Manning. With Starr’s baby believed dead, Janet leaves Llanview on November 11, 2008, but reappears on Renee Buchanan’s doorstep on January 9, 2009, desperate for sanctuary. Janet fears prosecution and Todd’s wrath, but soon agrees to cooperate with the authorities. Todd catches her wearing a wire, but Janet is kept in protective custody. Todd publishes an exposé on Janet in his newspaper, The Sun, to sabotage her credibility before the upcoming trial. Terrified that one of the people she had conned will come after her, Janet escapes police custody. Todd discovers Janet stabbed to death on his living room floor on January 30, 2009. Believing that Todd is innocent but realizing that he would be blamed, Téa confesses to the police that she had stabbed Janet in self-defense, and Janet’s body is taken away. Powell Lord III later confesses to the murder, as part of his plan to punish anyone who has hurt Marty and punish Todd.

Andrea “Andy” Harrison (formerly Guthrie and Vega) is a fictional character on the ABC Daytime soap opera One Life to Live. The role was originated by Bronwen Booth from August 1989 through 1991. Wendee Pratt assumed the role upon its reappearance onscreen in 1994, playing the character through 1997.

Max Holden’s sister Andrea arrives in fictional Llanview in August 1989 with news of their mother Patricia’s death; Max and Andy’s volatile relationship eventually cooled before she left town in 1991 after marrying Hunter Guthrie. She would return in 1994 (divorced from the abusive Hunter) as a police officer, and become involved with fellow officer and ex-con Antonio Vega, who she had a whirlwind romance with, before marrying him and leaving again for Berkeley, California in 1997. Years later, Andy and Antonio’s marriage ended when Andy cheated on him with her partner on the police force.

Steven “Steve” Holden, Sr. is a fictional character on the ABC Daytime soap opera One Life to Live. The role was played by Russ Anderson from March 1987 through the character’s onscreen death November 30, 1988.

Max Holden’s brother Steve Holden arrives in fictional Llanview in March 1987 and soon begins a relationship with and marries Max’s first love, Gabrielle Medina. Gabrielle’s perpetual feeling for Max doom their relationship and they divorce. In 1988, at the double wedding of Cord Roberts to Tina Lord and Asa Buchanan to Renée Divine, Steve notices a bomb in a wedding cake and throws himself on it to protect his fiancée Brenda McGillis. Brenda gives birth Steve’s child, his namesake, in 1989.

Dante Medina is a fictional character on the ABC Daytime soap opera One Life to Live. The role was played by actor Henry Darrow for months in 1987.

Debra Medina is a fictional character on the ABC Daytime soap opera One Life to Live. The role was played by Lucinda Fisher from July 1989 through 1990.

Constance Kathleen “Connie” O’Neill (formerly Vernon) is a fictional character on the ABC Daytime serial One Life to Live. The role was originated by actress Elizabeth Keifer from April 1984 until 1985, reappearing briefly in 1988. Terry Donahoe assumed the role from August 1985 until September 1986.

Deidra Cecilia “Didi” O’Neill Buchanan is a fictional character on the ABC Daytime soap opera One Life to Live. The role was portrayed by actress Barbara Treutelaar from April 1984 until the character’s on-screen death on September 3, 1988.

Harry O’Neill is a fictional character on the ABC Daytime serial One Life to Live. The role was originated by Arlen Dean Snyder in April 1984. Frank Converse assumed the role in October 1984 through the character’s onscreen death in July 1985.

Factory worker Harry O’Neill is introduced in April 1984 when he is about to lose his job at the Lord-Manning plant joint-owned by husband Victoria Lord Buchanan and her husband Clint Buchanan when they consider closing it for financial reasons. Harry soon engages in romance with Niki Smith, a personality symptom of Victoria’s multiple personality disorder. The relationship ends when Harry is murdered in 1985 by con man Mitch Laurence, who had intended to kill Clint and frame Viki.

Joy O’Neill is a fictional character on the ABC Daytime serial One Life to Live. The role was originated by actress Kristen Vigard from April 1984 until 1985. Julie Ann Johnson assumed the role from 1985 until the character left town in 1986.

Pete O’Neill is fictional character on the ABC Daytime soap opera One Life to Live. The role was played by James O’Sullivan from July 1985 until 1987.

Arriving in the wake of the death of his brother Harry, Pete O’Neill arrives in fictional Llanview in 1985 to support his family in their grief. A lawyer, he soon defends Tina Lord when she is accused of Harry, believing her alibi. Pete later falls for the ex-wife of business tycoon Asa Buchanan, Pamela Stuart, leaving town with her for her home island of Malakeva in 1987.

Delilah Ralston Garretson (formerly Buchanan) is a fictional character on the ABC Daytime soap opera One Life to Live. The role was portrayed by actress Shelly Burch from January 1982 until 1989. Burch briefly reprised the role in November 2001. She first came to Llanview, believing that Bo Buchannan was her cousin and married the wealthy Asa whose late wife Olympia had lied about Bo not being Asa’s son. Delilah’s scheming mother, Euphemia, knew the truth, and having vowed revenge on Asa for destroying her family, kept the secret. Asa and Delilah eventually divorced and she married Bo, but her constant lying caused him to leave her shortly into their marriage and fall in love with Didi O’Neill. Delilah showed she had a heart when the pregnant Samantha Garretson suddenly became brain dead and Delilah agreed to have Samantha’s embryo transplanted into her. She eventually married her widower Rafe Garretson (Asa’s nephew!) but was kidnapped by Elizabeth Sanders and her cohort Lord Henry Leighton as part of revenge against Asa. Delilah was eventually discovered (along with Bo) and reunited with Rafe. However, she left town to pursue a modeling career, only returning for one of Asa’s several “fake” funerals.

Euphemia Ralston is a fictional character on the ABC Daytime serial One Life to Live. The role was played by actress Grayson Hall from July 1982-April 1983. She was introduced as Euphemia Ralston Massey (although daughter Delilah used Euphemia’s maiden name), the once wealthy owner of a Southern estate and now down on her luck because of a vendetta against her family by Asa Buchanan. In July 1982, Bo Buchanan, believing that Euphemia’s late brother Yancy was his father, visited her, and Euphemia immediately began to put into motion a plot of revenge against Asa. She sent her nephew Drew to Llanview to ingratiate himself with Bo, and when she learned that her daughter Delilah had shown up to meet Bo, immediately went there for an extended visit. Asa, referring to Euphemia as “that witch in a turban”, made a play for Delilah who had fallen in love with her own supposed cousin, Bo. To set her plans into motion, Euphemia encouraged Delilah to accept Asa’s marriage proposal. Shortly afterwards, Asa was believed to have been killed in a boat explosion, but had survived, and hid out at his own funeral. Euphemia’s somewhat eccentric cousin Twyla arrived and threatened Euphemia’s plans with the knowledge that Yancy was sterile, and this was confirmed when Yancy’s widow Blanche showed up. Cousin Twyla spilt the beans that Euphemia had known the truth all along, and Delilah ordered her mother to leave town.

David “David Renaldi” Reynolds is a fictional character on the ABC Daytime soap opera One Life to Live. The role was originated by actor Michael Zaslow in May 1983, and he continued in the role until 1986. Zaslow reprised the role suffering from ALS (a fate mirrored for the character) onscreen in late 1997, appearing onscreen in the role until shortly before his death from the disease in 1998.

Clinton JamesC. J.Roberts is a fictional character from the original ABC Daytime soap opera One Life to Live. The character is born on-screen in April 1987 and was portrayed by child actors, most notably Tyler Noyes from 1992 to 1997.

Cord Roberts happily marries social climber and heiress, Tina Lord in April 1986. In 1987, Cord’s mother, Maria Roberts does not approve of the relationship and convinces Max Holden to take Tina to Argentina where she soon discovers she is pregnant. Meanwhile, Cord marries Kate Sanders. Cord follows Tina to Argentina where Max and Tina have gotten mixed up with crime lord, Carlo Hesser and his drug ring. Carlo sends Tina over a waterfall in a raft; Tina and her unborn child are presumed dead. Tina survives and meets up with Gabrielle Medina, Max’s former lover and convinces her that she and Max are now married. Gabrielle gives her and Max’s newborn son to Tina so they can raise him. Tina returns to Llanview with baby Al, named after Cord’s late step-father. Maria soon learns about Al’s true identity and blackmails Tina into divorcing Cord in July 1987.

In 1988, it is learned that Tina’s real son did not die, but was being cared for in the Argentinean jungle under the name “Milagro”. Max’s enemies later kidnap the infant and place him in an Italian convent; Tina must pose as nun to get him back. Cord and Tina later name him Clinton James, after Cord’s biological father, Clint Buchanan. After Tina and Cord’s divorce in January 1990, C.J. and Tina move to San Diego.

In February 1991, C.J. becomes a big brother to Sarah Victoria. When Cord is presumed dead in 1992, C.J. and Sarah become attached to their mother’s new boyfriend, Cain Rogan. Cord returns in 1993, suffering from post traumatic stress syndrome. Tina marries Cain in 1994 and leaves town, leaving Cord to raise the kids. She returns in July 1994 and rededicates her life to raising C.J. and Sarah.

Convicted rapist Todd Manning escapes from prison, but saves the lives of C.J., Sarah, and their cousin Jessica Buchanan. A man named David Vickers comes to town, claiming to be Tina’s long lost brother; soon Tina joins forces with imposter David to unsuccessfully try to swindle the massive inheritance from her and Viki’s real brother, Todd Manning. Ultimately, Tina moves to Baltimore with C.J. and Sarah in June 1996, the three returning briefly in 1997 to say good bye to Cord as he leaves for London.

In February 2003, Sarah, now going by the nickname “Flash,” comes to town searching for her brother C.J.. Sarah reveals that Tina’s parenting forced C.J. and Sarah to run away from home. It is soon discovered that C.J. has joined the U. S. Navy and was deploying to the Indian Ocean. Later that year, Al Holden, the baby that C.J. was switched with as a child, dies at the age of 22, which revises their birth year to 1981. Tina calls C.J. on the day his parents tie the knot for the fourth time in 2011.

Maria Roberts (maiden name Vasquez) is a fictional character on the ABC soap opera One Life to Live. Maria was portrayed by BarBara Luna from May 1986 until the character’s onscreen death in 1987. Melissa Archer briefly played the role in a 2008 storyline that took Natalie and Jared Banks back in time to the show’s inception year of 1968. Maria is the mother of long-running character Cord Roberts.

History revisited during the show’s 40th anniversary episodes in 2008, around the series inception in 1968, Maria Vasquez becomes pregnant with the love child of Clint Buchanan. Clint’s father, Asa, uncovered the pregnancy before Clint was told. Because Maria was of Mexican heritage, Asa condescended Maria and refused to allow her to marry Clint (as Clint may have characteristically done). Asa pressured Maria into abandoning Clint without ever telling him about the baby. Maria married the sturdy, reliable ranch hand Al Roberts instead, and gave birth to a boy named Cordero “Cord” Roberts. The Roberts family lived in El Paso, Texas. Al was a good husband and father, even though he knew Cord was not truly his son. Cord grew up believing that Al was his father. Maria however nursed a bitter grudge against Asa and spent her life pining for Clint.

In 1986, when Cord expressed an interest in photography, Maria sent Clint a telegram asking him to provide Cord a job at The Banner. Tina was in the midst of a bitter feud with Clint at the time. She intercepted the request and snooped about in El Paso, hoping to get some dirt on him. Cord met and quickly fell for Tina Clayton, and followed her back to Llanview. Tina reciprocated his interest, but had no intention of marrying a dirt-poor cowboy like Cord…until she discovered that he was Clint’s biological son, and potential heir to the Buchanan mega-billions! After learning that, she wasted no time marrying him. Maria, who pegged Tina as a gold-digging tramp from their first meeting, became bitter enemies with her.

Al Roberts died of cancer very soon after Cord wed Tina. With no-one keeping her in El Paso, Maria relocated to Llanview to be near her son. By then, she had grown strong enough to hold her own against Asa’s threats. Eventually she confessed to both Clint and Cord that they were father and son, and Clint welcomed Cord into the Buchanan family. Maria wheedled her way into both Clint and Viki’s confidences, pretending to be just an ‘old friend’ to Clint. But she secretly conspired to break up their marriage. Maria had two overhwhelming desires – to win Clint’s love once again, and to break up Tina and Cord. Maria brought Tom Dennison to Llanview, hoping Viki would leave Clint for him. That failed to happen. Later, Maria discovered before anyone else that Allison Perkins had kidnapped Viki’s newborn baby Jessica. Maria secretly helped Allison return the baby, but arranged circumstances to make it look as if Viki had become Niki Smith again and kidnapped her own baby. Her shenanigans were ultimately discovered, and Clint railed against her for her evil deeds. Going completely off the deep end, Maria attempted to poison Viki, and frame Tina for the crime, only to become tainted by the fatal poison herself and die.

Jon Russell is a fictional character on the ABC Daytime soap opera One Life to Live. The role appeared and was played by actor John Martin from December 1986 through 1989, and from 1991 until 1992.

Judith Russell (formerly Sanders) is a fictional character on the ABC Daytime soap opera One Life to Live. The role appeared and was played by actress Louise Sorel from August 1986 through November 1987.

Judith Russell Sanders first arrives in fictional Llanview in August 1986 as the D best gloves for soccer.A. in Dorian Lord’s murder trial for Mitch Lawrence. Her husband Charles Sanders, the former ambassador from Mendora, arrives soon thereafter hoping to mend their crumbling marriage, as did their children Jamie and Kate. It is established that the Sanders family has lived in Llanview for years. Judith was a free-spirited idealistic lawyer who never truly fit into the conservative, aristocratic lifestyle maintained by Charles, whose mother, Elizabeth, felt prejudiced against Judith because she was Jewish. The two eventually divorce but remained friends, and Judith even made amends with Elizabeth. Judith engages in an affair with fellow attorney Herb Callison (Dorian’s ex-husband) before leaving Llanview after in 1987 after ex-husband Charles dies and Kate’s marriage to Cord ended upon Tina Lord’s return from the dead.

Charles Sanders III is a fictional character on the ABC Daytime soap opera One Life to Live. The role appeared and was originated by actor Michael Billington for one episode and then played by actor Peter Brown from September 1986 through September 1987.

Charles Sanders arrives in fictional Llanview soon after his wife Judtih in September 1986 to save their marriage. Unfortunately, the two couldn’t resolve their differences over issues with their children and his mother Elizabeth’s feelings of anti-Semitism towards her, and divorced. Judith subsequently has an affair with Herb Callison, while Charles romanced Dr. Dorian Lord as part of a money-making scheme. When Dorian realizes Charles is using her, she turns the tables on him by revealing that he had had an affair with a member of Mendorra’s royal family. Charles is replaced as ambassador by Dorian herself. Later, Charles eloped with businesswoman Lee Halpern during a drunken night in Las Vegas, and died of a heart attack on their wedding night in 1987.

Elizabeth Sanders is a fictional character on the ABC Daytime soap opera One Life to Live. The role was played by actress Lois Kibbee from December 1986 through September 1988, returning briefly in the spring of 1989, and later for the following summer. Elizabeth was a powerful business woman who ran Sanders Chemicals. She disapproved of son Charles’ marriage to the Jewish Judith Sanders and initially objected to the romance of granddaughter Kate and Cord Roberts. When Charles and Judith divorced, Elizabeth tried to pair him with Dorian who later took over Charles’ former position as ambassador to Mendora. She was aghast when he took up with former hooker Lee Halpern and married her right before he died of a heart attack. Elizabeth vowed revenge on the Buchannan family after Cord broke up with Kate to return to Tina and Asa took control of Sanders chemicals. She was imprisoned after scheming to destroy the Buchannans through kidnapping and murder. The following spring, she was visited in prison by an information seeking Clint. Later that summer, she escaped from prison with the help of her grandson Jamie. After they were captured, Elizabeth was brought to see Asa thanks to Bo’s insistence that he see her, but Asa refused to accept her apologies for crimes against his family. Elizabeth was freed thanks to Bo’s testimony on her behalf as to preventing Jamie and his co-hort Ursula Blackwell from electrocuting Tina and left town after revealing that she had a terminal illness.

Jamie Sanders is a fictional character on the ABC Daytime soap opera One Life to Live. The role appeared and was played by actor Mark Philpot from December 1986 until 1989.

Jamie is introduced mean-spirited foil of a brother to gentle Kate Sanders in December 1987. He plays on his mother Judith’s sympathies to bail him out of one dilemma after another. Eventually, Jamie’s criminal behavior (including running a crack cocaine factory with drug lord Dante Medina, killing a fellow cocaine dealer, and kidnapping Cassie Callison) caught up with him and he was sent to Statesville Prison for a life sentence. Even in jail, he was a menace: he threatened Tina when she was wrongly imprisoned for the murder of Maria Roberts, broke out and shot Clint Buchanan, and led a widescale prison riot with grandmother paternal grandmother Elizabeth when last seen in 1989.

Kathryn “Kate” Sanders (formerly Roberts) is a fictional character on the ABC Daytime soap opera One Life to Live. The role appeared and was played by Marcia Cross from December 1986 through January 1988.

Kate is an anthropologist with a taste for adventure when introduced in December 1986, falling in love with Cord Roberts (then married to Tina Lord). When Tina was believed to be dead, Kate accepted Cord’s proposal. But just as their wedding ceremony was coming to an end, Tina abruptly burst into the chapel — very much alive and carrying a baby she claimed to be Cord’s son (who was actually the son of Gabrielle Medina and Max Holden). While Cord sought a divorce from Tina, Kate became entangled with Patrick London, her ex-fiance, who stooped to insane measures to break up Cord and Kate. He didn’t need to bother though; as Kate came to realize Cord loved Tina, she broke up with him and left Llanview.

Pamela Reed Stuart Buchanan O’Neill is a fictional character from the ABC Daytime soap opera One Life to Live. Christine Jones portrayed the character, first from 1986–87, then in 1988, October 2001, January 18 – 21, 2008, April 9–10, 2008, June 3, 2008 and October 19, 2009. Pamela is one of Asa Buchanan’s many ex-wives.

In 1985, Tina Lord discovers that Asa has been leading a double life for years; on the tropical island of Malakeva, he is known as Jeb Stuart, and has been married to a kindly woman named Pamela for a decade. Tina tells Pamela that her husband is not a sea captain, as she believes, but actually a millionaire with a family in Llanview. Noting that Asa and Pamela’s marriage is not legal, Tina convinces Pamela to pretend she is dying to manipulate Asa into marrying her for real. He does on January 20, 1986, and Pamela springs from her “deathbed” and confronts him. Arriving in Llanview to live as Mrs. Asa Buchanan, Pamela is at first a thorn in his side. As Asa realizes he wants her to be his wife, she demands a divorce — and half of his fortune. Their marriage ends in 1987; Pamela marries lawyer Pete O’Neill, and they leave town that year to return to Malakeva. The following year, Pamela comes back for the funeral of Pete’s niece, Didi. Pamela was the manager of the Palace Hotel which Asa owned and later turned over to his next wife, Renee Divine.

Asa fakes his death in 2001, framing his wife Gabrielle Medina and her lover Max Holden; Pamela and all of Asa’s other living ex-wives appear for the funeral. Ex-wife Alex Olanov finds Asa in hiding on his private island, St. Blaze’s, and he is ultimately dragged back to Llanview.

Pamela returns to Llanview on January 18, 2008 at the invitation of Asa’s son Bo Buchanan, and attends the Buchanan Enterprises board meeting to weigh in on the possibility that Jared Banks is the illegitimate son of Asa, who had died on August 16, 2007. Bo had determined that Asa had been with Pamela around the time of Jared’s conception; Pamela confirms that Asa had never met Jared’s mother Valerie Banks. To the shock of everyone assembled, Pamela reveals that Valerie had in fact been her sister; Pamela then drops the bombshell that she is actually Jared’s biological mother. Afraid of losing Asa’s love by bringing a child into the relationship, Pamela had asked Valerie to secretly adopt Asa’s son. Pamela declares him the Buchanan heir; after the board meeting lets out, however, Pamela returns to meet with Jared alone. It is revealed that Pamela has lied to the Buchanans and is merely going along with Jared’s scheme; Pamela is not really Jared’s mother. Jared had not been aware that Pamela was going to appear at the meeting or lie for him, but Pamela explains that it was the least she could do “after everything my brother” — a violent abuser named Harlan Oliver who dated Jared’s mother after Charlie left the Banks household — “did to you and your family.” Pamela wishes Jared good luck with the company.

Pamela is summoned back to Llanview by Natalie Buchanan on April 9, 2008; Jared has admitted his true identity to Natalie, who wants to know why Pamela lied to the Buchanans. Pamela relates Jared’s troubled childhood, and explains that she had only wanted to help him. Pamela appears again on June 3, 2008, making a surprise appearance at the Buchanan Enterprises shareholders’ meeting. Reluctant and saddened, she confirms Dorian Lord’s reveal that Jared is not really Asa’s son. On October 19, 2009, Natalie and John McBain find Pamela’s corpse at the Buchanan cabin.

Julia Wheaton (formerly Medina) is a fictional character on the ABC Daytime soap opera One Life to Live. The role was played by actress Linda Thorson from July 1989 through June 1992. Julia originally came to town to aid her daughter Gabrielle and remained after she left town. Julia was revealed to be the accidental killer of Du Anne Demarest, the blackmailing housekeeper of Victoria Buchannan and was paralyzed for a time after being in a coma.

Courtney Wright is a fictional character on the ABC Daytime serial One Life to Live. The role was played by actress Phylicia Rashād (credited as “Phylicia Ayers”) from 1983 until 1984, when she left the series to accept the role of Claire Huxtable on the NBC sitcom The Cosby Show.