Bernt Julius Muus

Bernt Julius Muus (March 15, 1832 – May 25, 1900) was a Norwegian-American Lutheran minister and church leader. He helped found St. Olaf College, a private liberal arts college in Northfield, Minnesota stretchy fanny pack.

Muus was born in the parish Snaasen in Throndhjems Stift in Snåsa, Nord-Trøndelag, Norway. Having graduated from the Latin school of Trondheim in 1849, he entered the University of Christiania where he studied theology and completed his theological training in 1854. He immigrated to the United States in 1859.

Muus was the first resident pastor of Holden Lutheran Church in Kenyon, Minnesota. During a forty-year ministry, Muus traveled indefatigably to establish and minister to congregations in southern Minnesota. Muus also founded St. John’s Lutheran Church in Northfield, Minnesota, Fox Lake Lutheran Church in Rice County, Minnesota and many other churches in southern Minnesota.

Muus filled the office of bishop of the Minnesota District of the Norwegian Synod, took an active part in theological disputes, and ceaselessly urged the church to do more in the field of education. In 1874, Muus led a group of Norwegian-American immigrant pastors and farmers to found St. Olaf College in Northfield, Minnesota. St. Olaf College is a residential, four-year private liberal arts college affiliated with the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.

Despite his substantial achievements, Muus was considered a “fascinating classic football t shirts, capable, but flawed leader.” During the Predestination Controversy (naadevalgsstriden), where The Norwegian Synod experienced internal division over questions concerning predestination and conversion, Muus sided with Anti-Missourian Brotherhood. Muus’ uncompromising nature and stubbornness eventually resulted in his expulsion from his church in 1898 for failure to conform to doctrine.

In 1899, Muus resigned as a pastor after having suffered a stroke and was stricken with partial paralysis. He returned to Norway in 1899, where he died on May 25, 1900. He is buried in Trondheim, Norway at the Nidaros Cathedral cemetery.

Muus married Oline Pind of Fet in 1859 official football jerseys. The two had three children, Nils (1863 – 1932), Jens Ingebrigt Rynning (1866 – 1878), and Paul Johan Elster (1872 – 1890). Jens died of typhus at the age of twelve.

After a lengthy and highly publicised legal battle, Pind was granted a limited divorce on January 20, 1883. She received $150 per year for ten years as alimony. Bernt was given custody of the children, who were still minors. Divorce in Minnesota’s nineteenth century Norwegian-Lutheran community was a rarity. Legal separation between a leading pastor and his wife was unheard of. The 1879 court case in Holden Township led to both those outcomes, and triggered a public debate about married women’s legal rights.

Jeremy Hanley

Jeremy James Hanley KCMG (ur. 17 listopada 1945), brytyjski polityk, minister w drugim rządzie Johna Majora, członek Partii Konserwatywnej. Syn aktorów Jimmyego Hanleya i Dinah Sheridan fingersave goalie gloves.

Wykształcenie odebrał w Rugby. Przed rozpoczęciem kariery politycznej pracował w rachunkowości. Od 1963 r. pracował w Peat Marwick Mitchell & Company, a następnie w Financial Training Company. Pierwszą próbę dostania się do parlamentu podjął w 1978 r., ale przegrał wybory uzupełniające w okręgu Lambeth Central. Do Izby Gmin dostał się w 1983 r. jako reprezentant okręgu Richmond and Barnes.

Był parlamentarnym prywatnym sekretarzem ministra sztuki Richarda Luce’a w latach 1987-1990, parlamentarnym prywatnym sekretarzem ministra środowiska Chrisa Pattena w 1990 r., ministrem stanu w departamencie Irlandii Północnej w latach 1990-1992 i ministrem stanu ds football blister socks. sił zbrojnych w latach 1993-1994 stretchy fanny pack. W 1994 r. został przewodniczącym Partii Konserwatywnej i członkiem gabinetu jako minister bez teki. Został również członkiem Tajnej Rady. Na stanowisku przewodniczącego i ministra pozostał do 1995 r. Następnie został ministrem stanu w Foreign Office.

Okręg wyborczy Hanleya zniesiono przed wyborami 1997 r. Hanley wystartował w nowym okręgu Richmond Park, ale przegrał tam z kandydatką Liberalnych Demokratów Jenny Tonge.

Hanley jest kawalerem Krzyża Komandorskiego Orderu św. Michała i św. Jerzego. Jest żonaty z Verną Hanley, ma dwóch synów i jedną córkę.

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