Ciara: Live in Concert

Ciara: Live in Concert was the debut concert tour of American recording artist Ciara. It supported her second studio album, Ciara: The Evolution (2006) and visited venues in the United States and Canada. The 16-city club tour began on October 26 and ended on December 10, 2006. Previously unreleased tracks from her then-upcoming second album were previewed during the tour. The singer described the tour as an exclusive event for fans to showcase the album’s musical direction adult football uniforms. Ciara: Live in Concert was accompanied by various radio concerts and a concert with hip hop group The Black Eyed Peas.

The tour’s set list consisted of tracks from Ciara: The Evolution and Ciara’s debut studio album Goodies (2004), along with three featured singles. The show held at Nokia Theatre in New York City was broadcast live via streaming on AOL Music’s website and it was later made available on demand. The tour received mixed to positive reviews; critics were divided regarding the pre-recorded backing tracks and remarked that Ciara was slightly under-prepared to host her own headlining tour, but ultimately praised her energetic choreography.

Ciara: Live in Concert was announced by Jive Records on October 10, 2006, via a press release. It was Ciara’s first tour as a headliner; she had previously performed as the opening act for Gwen Stefani at the Harajuku Lovers Tour (2005). Ciara: Live in Concert previewed previously unreleased tracks from the singer’s then-upcoming second album Ciara: The Evolution (2006). The tour began on October 26, 2006, at the club Love in Washington, D.C. and ended on December 10 at the Nokia Theatre in New York City. It was accompanied by several radio concerts and a concert with American hip hop group The Black Eyed Peas in Los Angeles on December 1, 2006, as part of the group’s Monkey Business Tour women business casual dresses. Regarding the tour waist pack for running, Ciara stated:

Previewing the new record in a small setting gives my fans an exclusive experience where they can truly hear and see exactly where I’m going with Ciara: The Evolution. It’s about so much more than just my personal growth — it’s about the evolution of music, the evolution of dance, the evolution of fashion. I want to bring a taste of all that to the fans in a one-on-one environment to get them excited for [the album].

The set list for the tour consisted of songs from Ciara: The Evolution and Goodies. As featured artists did not appear on the tour, their part of the songs were edited out, namely on “Oh” and “That’s Right” and the featured singles “Like You” by Bow Wow and “Lose Control” by Missy Elliott. The set decor included risers and multicolored lights. The show began with Ciara appearing on a platform one story above the stage floor. She performed her debut single “Goodies”, which was quickly followed by “Oh”. She wore tight metallic pants, a cut-up white T-shirt and sunglasses. The tempo of “Make It Last Forever” was increased and the backup dancers performed “old-school” breakdancing. The performance ended with Ciara and her dancers freezing in “Vogue poses”.

While performing “Lose Control”, Ciara took off her shirt and revealed a silver bra underneath. The male back-up dancers also took their shirts off. Ciara performed her part in Bow Wow’s “Like You” while appearing alone on stage. For “Like a Boy”, Ciara and her female dancers switched to military-style clothing and performed male-oriented choreography. Later in the show came “Promise”, for which Ciara recreated dance moves from the music video while sporting black pants, a jacket and a hoodie. She ended the song by lying face down while pounding on the stage with her fists. She closed the set with “Get Up”. No musicians appeared on stage throughout the show and Ciara wore a headset microphone to fully focus on her dance moves. The show lasted 45 minutes.

The tour received mixed to positive reviews from critics. The Morning Call‘s Dalondo Moultrie was positive in his review of the tour and wrote that Ciara “put on one of the best performances I have seen yet at [Crocodile Rock]”. Moultrie called her dance steps “incredible”, noting that it was in sync with the music, “each pelvic thrust or body-bending twist” and the periodic bursts of light football jerseys for boys. In conclusion, Moultrie praised the concert and its “high-energy songs, sexy dance moves, flawless vocals and a top-flight light show”. Bill White of Seattle Post-Intelligencer wrote that due to Ciara’s high energy, “it hardly mattered that she was singing to backing tracks”. Regarding the pre-recorded vocals, he said: “Usually this type of performance seems cut-rate and dishonest, but Ciara, with the help of slick lighting and sharp choreography, made it work”. White concluded: “It may have been a 45-minute infomercial for her second release, ‘Evolution’, but Ciara’s explosive display of crunk was a minispectacle in its own right.” Sia Michel of The New York Times wrote a positive review, stating: “Ciara led a squad of hip-hop dancers through stylishly choreographed routines. Striding about in a headset, she was a commanding and relentlessly professional presence.”

Vincent Jackson of The Press of Atlantic City wrote that Ciara “exhibited a great deal of self-confidence during the course of the night”. Jackson commented that Ciara is a “limited vocalist”, stating that she made a “good decision to put most of her energy into her almost nonstop, aerobic dance performance”. Newsday critic Glenn Gamboa was more critical, writing that “Pop concerts require strong personalities and, at 21, Ciara hasn’t quite perfected hers yet”. Gamboa called the show “as slick as an ice patch and often just as cool”, but noted that sometimes she “got dwarfed by her surroundings” of eight dancers and recorded backing vocals. He praised the up-tempo songs and “Promise”, but criticized the ballad “I’m Just Me” for “nearly halt[ing]” the set. He ended on a more positive note, writing that “Ciara shows that she is well on her way to becoming a superstar herself”. Jon Gilbertson of Milwaukee Journal Sentinel was largely critical of the show and criticized the singer for relying on backing tracks, stating that she failed to stand out as none of the songs “brought forth any recognizable vocal signatures”.

AOL Music announced on December 8, 2006, that it would broadcast Ciara’s concert at the Nokia Theatre. The concert was available worldwide for free via live streaming on AOL Music’s website. When the show had ended, viewers could access it via an on demand service.

Maurice Dumas

Vous pouvez partager vos connaissances en l’améliorant (comment ?) selon les recommandations des projets correspondants aluminum water bottles safe.

Maurice Dumas fut un professeur et homme politique fédéral du Québec, né le et mort le .

Né à Montréal, Maurice Dumas entama sa carrière politique en devenant conseiller au conseil municipal d’Ayersville, aujourd’hui fusionnée avec Lachute fabric lint. Il devint député de la circonscription d’Argenteuil—Papineau sous la bannière du Bloc québécois en remportant l’élection de 1993 contre la députée progressiste-conservatrice sortante, Lise Bourgault womens sports jerseys. Réélu en 1997, il ne se représenta pas en 2000.

Durant son passage à la Chambre des communes, il fut porte-parole bloquiste pour les Ainés de 1994 à 1995 et de 1998 à 2000. Il fut également porte-parole adjoint des Affaires indiennes et Nord canadien de 1996 à 1998 women business casual dresses.

Fairest of Them All

Fairest of Them All” is a fan-produced Star Trek episode released in 2014, the third in the web series Star Trek Continues, which aims to continue the episodes of Star Trek: The Original Series replicating their visual and storytelling style. It was written by James Kerwin and Vic Mignogna from a story by Vic Mignogna and directed by James Kerwin. Fairest of Them All is a direct continuation of the original Star Trek episode “Mirror, Mirror”. In 2014, “Fairest of Them All” won the Burbank International Film Festival award for Best New Media in Drama.

The story begins with a recap of the last few minutes of the original episode. In the mirror universe, “our” Kirk urges mirror universe-Spock to take command of the ISS Enterprise, spare the Halkans and find a way to make peace to prevent the Terran Empire from collapsing. He and his landing party are then transported back to the Federation “prime” universe, while their “evil” counterparts return in the alternate reality.

The evil Kirk, now in command again, is determined to take the dilithium crystals from the Halkans or to destroy them as an example of what happens to those who dare to resist the Terran Empire. The Halkans are not willing to hand over the crystals and Kirk orders a torpedo barrage on their planet, rejecting a diplomatic solution recommended by Spock. The pitiless attack completely wipes out the Halkan civilization but also destroys the dilithium crystals on the planet. Spock points out that the loss of the crystals would not have happened if the Captain had followed his advice. Facing an unexpected and firm criticism by his first officer, a visibly nervous Kirk leaves the bridge and reaches his quarters.

Meanwhile, three Andorian vessels have witnessed the reckless attack to the Halkans and have communicated to the Enterprise that they will no longer recognize the authority of the Terran Empire, formalizing the start of a revolution. Spock informs the Captain of the approaching of the Andorian ships but when Kirk orders him to destroy them if they try any aggressive moves, Spock refuses to comply. Kirk reacts to the act of insubordination by activating the Tantalus Field, a deadly device concealed in his quarters, to kill Spock. Unexpectedly, the machine does not seem to work. The Captain then calls his private guards and they head to the bridge to arrest Spock.

Spock, in the meantime, has left the bridge and has convinced Scotty to join the (now explicit) mutiny. They take possession of the auxiliary control room, from where they have full control of the navigation of the ship. Other crew members, sent by Kirk to eliminate Spock, are attracted to the peaceful philosophy promoted by the Vulcan and they join the mutiny as well. Marlena reveals to Spock that she was responsible for disabling the Tantalus Field when Kirk tried to kill the first officer, but that the device could be used now to eliminate Kirk. Spock rejects the suggestion, replying that no revolution can succeed using the same methods applied by the previous one.

The more time passes, the more Kirk is abandoned by his crew and feels helpless, to the point that the Captain asks Spock to meet at the officer’s lounge, to discuss the matter in a civil way and to find a compromise. Spock accepts the invitation, well aware that the meeting could hide a trap. When the two men are facing each other, Kirk tries to shoot Spock but the Vulcan reveals to the Captain that all the weapons have been disabled through a dampening field. Kirk, enraged for failing the attempt, attacks the Vulcan and during a pause in the fight shouts his thoughts about the crew, stating that they are just expendables pawns to reach his goals. Unbeknownst to him, his statements were being broadcast to the entire ship by Spock, showing the crew the real nature of their leader. Two guards then enter the officer’s lounge and, to Kirk’s surprise, arrest and finally neutralize him.

Spock gives a shuttlecraft to Kirk and to the few crew members still loyal to him, so that they can reach the nearest habitable system. Spock states that he’s aware of the fact that the entire Terran fleet will try to stop the Enterprise and his attempts to build a peaceful Empire, but that he must try. In the last scene, Spock takes command of the bridge as Captain and gives to the navigator the order to move “forward”.

Fairest of Them All was one of the episodes of the series funded through a successful Kickstarter campaign held from October 7 to November 6, 2013.

As with every episode of Star Trek Continues, the shooting of the Enterprise scenes took place in Kingsland, Georgia, at the facility owned by Farragut Films and their partners. According to the end credits of the episode, a scene was shot on location at NASA’s Space Center Houston, home of the restored life-size prop of the original Star Trek Galileo shuttlecraft.

Principal photography began in March 2014 and the shooting was completed in May 2014. According to director James Kerwin, one of the biggest production challenges for this episode was to create the alternate universe costumes for many cast members, which had to match as close as possible those worn in the “Mirror, Mirror” episode.

Guest cast for this episode included:

On June 4, 2014, published exclusive photos of the cast, announcing also the date of the release of the episode. The episode was premiered at Supanova 2014 in Sydney, Australia, on June 15, 2014 and was at the same time released on the official Star Trek Continues YouTube and Vimeo channels.

The reviews of Fairest of Them All have been very positive women business casual dresses. Bill Watters of pointed out how the episode resembled one of those of TOS, writing: “Star Trek Continues does deserve the ‘Continues’ in its title as they do a really strong job at capturing (and yes, ‘continuing’) the atmosphere of TOS.” and author John Birmingham shared a similar sentiment, stating: “As storytelling goes, it is fast paced, entertaining and captures that essence of the original series. In that regard, I’d give this episode a strong thumbs up.”

Wired has dedicated to Fairest of Them All a video of their video series Obsessed, that aims to highlight “what happens when people live out their obsessions to the fullest.” In the video, Mignogna and other people of the staff are interviewed and explain to what extent they have paid attention to detail to recreate the same visual style of the original Star Trek episode “Mirror, Mirror”.

The production values of the episode were highlighted, among others, by Sam Sloan of Slice of SciFi, who wrote: “Vic Mignogna and the cast and crew of Star Trek Continues have proven, once again with this episode of the ongoing voyage of the original Star Trek that this rendering of the show is on par with that original series and continues to amaze those who are watching it.” and by Josh Edelglass of, who stated: “Even more impressive for this episode, the production team has exactingly recreated the look of the Mirror Universe sets and costumes.”

More than one reviewer praised the performance of Todd Haberkorn. Clive Burrell wrote on Some kind of Star Trek: “Todd Haberkorn is excellent as Spock, charting quite a change in the Mirror universe version of the character from cold, calculating officer to peacemaker in 40 minutes” and Josh Edelglass wrote: “Todd Haberkorn gets a real showcase as Mr. Spock in this episode

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Colombia 2016 Home DAVID OSPINA 1 Jerseys



, and he’s great. He’s a little stiff in that opening scene in the transporter room, but after that I think he turns in a stellar performance.”

Both Slice of SciFi and Some Kind of Star Trek commented also on the strong resemblance between Asia DeMarcos and BarBara Luna, the actress who portrayed the character Marlena Moreau in “Mirror, Mirror”.

In September 2014 Fairest of Them All won the award for Best New Media – Drama at Burbank International Film Festival.


El Movimiento Prociudadanos es una organización no gubernamental (ONG) independiente -de tendencia liberal- dedicada a la defensa y promoción de los Derechos Civiles en Venezuela.

Fue fundada el 1ro de junio de 2016 por el periodista y empresario venezolano Leocenis García, quien permanece bajo arresto domiciliario desde el año 2015 , luego de que se le confiscaran los bienes del Grupo editorial 6to Poder , del cual García era accionista mayoritario.

El Movimiento nació como parte de un manifiesto virtual que fue firmado por miles de venezolanos en redes sociales a principios del año 2016.

Durante ese periodo, el periodista Leocenis García, a través de su programa diario en la red social Periscope, invitaba a la ciudadanía a participar activamente a favor de los Derechos Civiles en Venezuela.

En el manifiesto en cuestión women business casual dresses, la organización, que no tenía nombre en ese entonces, defendía principios como la libertad, la libre empresa, la no intervención del Estado en la economía y el Derecho a la Propiedad.

El 1ro de junio del año 2016, García -desde su arresto domiciliario- anunció el lanzamiento formal del Movimiento ProCiudadanos.

Tres días después, el 4 de junio de 2016, el movimiento convocó a una concentración en la sede de la Organización de Estados Americanos (OEA) en Caracas , en apoyo a su secretario, Luis Almagro, luego de que este solicitase formalmente la activación de la Carta Democrática sobre Venezuela.

La convocatoria sirvió para que la organización entregase un documento formal en donde agradecían a Almagro por manifestar preocupación por la situación de Venezuela .

El 22 de junio, Prociudadanos demandó ante la Fiscalía de Venezuela al partido Español Podemos , por la presunción de financiamiento por asesoria política, realizado por el extinto presidente Hugo Chávez al partido de izquierda en España .

Al mismo tiempo, el coordinador del Movimiento en España, solicitó a la fiscalía española, de conformidad a lo establecido en el artículo 124.1 de la Constitución española, que pidiera resultas sobre esta denuncia en Venezuela .

Prociudadanos también se ha manifestado a favor del trato a diversos detenidos de trascendencia notoria, durante el gobierno del presidente Nicolás Maduro. En concreto, el 7 de junio de 2016, Prociudadanos acusó al gobierno nacional de ser responsable del empeoramiento de la salud del Presidente de Operación Libertad, Lorenth Saleh , quien fue acusado de facilitación ilegal de ingreso de extranjeros, entre otros delitos en 2014.

La organización señaló que a pesar de que Saleh cuenta con una orden judicial de atención médica , el joven aún no ha sido trasladado al Hospital Militar “Dr. Carlos Arvelo” para recibir atención médica.

La comisión directiva de la organización Prociudadanos está conformado por el periodista Leocenis García como fundador y coordinador nacional y por el líder Sindical de CVG Venalum Luis Vásquez, como coordinador nacional de Sindicatos y Gremios.

También por la abogada y activista por los Derechos Humanos Yisel Soarez, como Coordinador Nacional de Derechos Humanos meat tenderizer sauce.

Asimismo, por el activista Leonardo Becerra como Coordinador Internacional en España y por el periodista Guzmán González como Coordinador Nacional para la Libertad de Prensa.

Gran Premio d’Ungheria 2014

Voce principale: Campionato mondiale di Formula 1 2014.

Il Gran Premio d’Ungheria 2014 è stata l’undicesima prova della stagione 2014 del campionato mondiale di Formula 1. La gara, disputatasi domenica 27 luglio 2014 sul circuito dell’Hungaroring, è stata vinta da Daniel Ricciardo su Red Bull Racing-Renault; Ricciardo, al secondo successo nel mondiale, ha preceduto sul traguardo Fernando Alonso su Ferrari e Lewis Hamilton su Mercedes.

Bernie Ecclestone annuncia il ritorno, per il 2015, del Gran Premio del Messico, nel calendario iridato. La gara manca dal 1992, ed è stata valida per il mondiale in 15 occasioni. È stato anche annunciato l’inserimento, però dal 2016, nel calendario anche del Gran Premio dell’Azerbaigian women business casual dresses, da disputarsi per le strade della capitale Baku.

Per questa gara la Pirelli, fornitrice unica degli pneumatici, ha scelto di portare gomme di mescola medium e soft.

Il circuito viene leggermente modificato, al fine di garantire una maggiore sicurezza. Sono installate nuove griglie per proteggere dai detriti, nella zona tra la curva 11 e la 12, e all’esterno della curva 14. Altre modifiche sono fatte alle protezioni della curva 3. Inoltre sono stati posizionati dei dossi da 50 millimetri nei pressi della chicane delle curve 6 e 7, nella via di fuga, ad una distanza di circa un paio di metri dal bordo della pista.

Due sono le zone in cui è possibile utilizzare il Drag Reduction System: sul rettifilo principale, e tra le curve 1 e 2. C’è un solo punto per la determinazione del distacco fra i piloti, ed è posto all’ultima curva.

Da questo Gran Premio la Marussia decide di sostituire il telaio di Max Chilton.

Emanuele Pirro è nominato dalla FIA commissario aggiunto per questo Gran Premio. Pirro ha già svolto in passato frequentemente tale funzione, l’ultima volta al Gran Premio d’Australia, prima gara della stagione.

Alexander Rossi, da poco lasciato libero dalla Caterham, diviene pilota di riserva alla Marussia.

Da questa stagione la Pirelli diviene sponsor principale del Gran Premio d’Ungheria, oltre che di quello di Spagna.

La prima sessione di prove libere è comandata da Lewis Hamilton, che precede il compagno di team Nico Rosberg di poco più di un decimo e mezzo. Al terzo posto chiude Kimi Räikkönen, davanti all’altro ferrarista Fernando Alonso. La pista non si presenta molto gommata, e molti piloti sono protagonisti di uscite dal tracciato.

Anche nella seconda sessione del venerdì Lewis Hamilton si è confermato come il più rapido in pista. L’inglese ha nuovamente preceduto il compagno di scuderia Rosberg. Al terzo posto si è inserito Sebastian Vettel, davanti ad Alonso.

Al sabato Hamilton è ancora il migliore: il pilota della Mercedes ha preceduto di 47 millesimi Rosberg e di circa quattro decimi Vettel. Più indietro le Ferrari che chiudono al sesto e settimo posto, precedute anche dalla Williams di Bottas.

Nella prima sessione del venerdì si è avuta questa situazione:

Nella seconda sessione del venerdì si è avuta questa situazione:

Nella sessione del sabato mattina si è avuta questa situazione:

Nella prima fase Pastor Maldonado è costretto a parcheggiare presto la sua vettura a bordo pista, mentre Lewis Hamilton rientra ai box con la vettura su cui sta verificandosi un principio d’incendio. Nella sessione il più rapido è Jean-Éric Vergne della Scuderia Toro Rosso, che monta gomme di mescola soft. Kimi Räikkönen sbaglia strategia per risparmiare un treno di gomme e viene eliminato, battuto negli ultimi secondi, da Jules Bianchi. Assieme al finlandese, a Maldonado e a Hamilton, sono eliminati anche i due piloti della Caterham e Max Chilton (che sconta problemi tecnici).

Nella seconda fase Rosberg prende il comando, precedendo le due Red Bull. Risultano eliminati Bianchi, Romain Grosjean, le due Sauber, Sergio Pérez e Daniil Kvjat.

Nella fase decisiva la pioggia fa capolino sul tracciato. I piloti però affrontano il primo tentativo con gomme slick: i problemi però di tenuta di pista, con Kevin Magnussen che va a sbattere contro le barriere, obbligano la direzione di gara a esporre le bandiere rosse, che interrompono le qualifiche. Al momento della ripresa della sessione la pioggia è ancora debole, cioè che rende difficile per le scuderie scegliere la strategia migliore. Al termine del primo tentativo è Rosberg in testa, davanti a Sebastian Vettel. Alcuni piloti rientrano per cambiare gli pneumatici, mentre altri proseguono sulla pista. Nel secondo tentativo Vettel riprende nuovamente la testa della graduatoria, battuto poi definitivamente da Nico Rosberg. Il tedesco conquista la terza pole position consecutiva, la decima in totale in carriera nel mondiale.

Nella sessione di qualifica si è avuta questa situazione:

In grassetto sono indicate le migliori prestazioni in Q1, Q2 e Q3.

Al momento del giro di formazione Daniil Kvjat resta fermo in griglia ed è così costretto alla partenza dai box, dove ci sono già Lewis Hamilton e Kevin Magnussen.

Al via Nico Rosberg, partito dalla pole, tiene la prima posizione seguito subito dopo da Valtteri Bottas, Fernando Alonso e Sebastian Vettel. Il tedesco della Red Bull riesce però a superare nuovamente la Ferrari dello spagnolo, intanto, Hamilton al primo giro va in testacoda e danneggia lievemente l’ala anteriore della sua W05 Hybrid, ma riesce a ripartire e prosegue la gara fino a quando, nelle retrovie, Marcus Ericsson con la Caterham perde il controllo della vettura in uscita della curva 3, innescando un effetto pendolo e finendo a sbattere violentemente contro le barriere.

Ciò causa la neutralizzazione della gara da parte della safety car, che induce una serie di pit stop: rientrano subito diversi piloti, fra cui Daniel Ricciardo, Felipe Massa, Jean-Éric Vergne, Nico Hülkenberg, Hamilton e Kimi Räikkönen: tutti che montano le soft; un giro dopo anche Rosberg, Vettel, Bottas e Alonso optano per la mescola morbida mentre Jenson Button e Magnussen rimangono in pista con le gomme intermedie. All’undicesimo giro, ancora con regime di safety car, va a muro anche Romain Grosjean: ciò costringe la vettura di sicurezza a rimanere in pista per altri due giri. Alla ripartenza Ricciardo conduce, davanti a Button, Massa, Rosberg, Magnussen, Vergne, Vettel e Alonso. L’australiano viene però passato subito da Button. La gara dell’inglese è però penalizzata dal mancato ritorno della pioggia, visto che le McLaren hanno optato per gomme intermedie, senza effettuare nessun cambio degli pneumatici. Al giro 16 è costretto a montare anch’egli gomme da asciutto.

Da centro gruppo Vergne ed Alonso incominciano a recuperare diverse posizioni, tanto da arrivare dietro a Massa, in quel momento al secondo posto. Nelle retrovie c’è un contatto tra Pastor Maldonado e Jules Bianchi, che devono fermarsi entrambi ai box per effettuare delle riparazioni.

Al ventesimo giro comanda Ricciardo davanti a Massa e Alonso, dopo i tre, un gruppetto formato da Vergne che tiene dietro Rosberg, Vettel ed Hamilton che, sfruttando il potenziale della macchina e la safety car, è risalito al settimo posto

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Al ventitreesimo giro Sergio Pérez tocca l’erba sintetica bagnata in uscita dall’ultima curva e finisce contro il muro del traguardo: ciò necessita un secondo intervento della safety car, che innesca un altro giro di pit stop. Essendosi fermati Ricciardo e Massa, adesso Alonso è in testa al Gran Premio. Seguono Vergne, Rosberg, Vettel e Hamilton. Räikkönen è nono, mentre Ricciardo e Massa sono usciti in sesta e settima posizione.

Alla ripresa Alonso guadagna terreno su Vergne che riesce ancora a tenere dietro tutto il gruppo degli inseguitori. Poco dopo Vettel commette lo stesso errore di Pérez, ma il tedesco riesce ad evitare il muro per pochi centimetri e riparte, seppur parecchio attardato dalla testa della gara.

Rientra quindi ai box Rosberg (al giro 33) e Hamilton riesce a superare Vergne alla curva 4. Il francese

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, ormai in crisi con le gomme

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, rientra per effettuare la sosta. Al giro 38 Alonso effettua un nuovo cambio degli pneumatici: va in testa Ricciardo, che comanda la gara fino al suo cambio gomme, al giro 55.

Alonso torna così primo, ma deve guardarsi dal ritorno delle Mercedes Hamilton e Rosberg, che però si ferma per effettuare un’ultima sosta. A dieci giri dalla fine Alonso resiste ad Hamilton mentre Ricciardo recupera velocemente, quando al sessantacinquesimo passaggio riesce ad avere la meglio su Hamilton e, con gomme meno usurate, due giri dopo supera anche la Ferrari di Alonso andando a prendersi la sua seconda vittoria in carriera. Secondo termina Alonso, che nel finale riesce a difendersi dalle due Mercedes con Hamilton che chiude terzo e Rosberg quarto.

Seguono al traguardo Massa, Räikkönen, anch’egli autore di una rimonta, Vettel, Bottas, Vergne e Button che chiude la zona punti.

I risultati del Gran Premio sono i seguenti:

Altri progetti

Through the Eyes of a Child

Through the Eyes of a Child” is a single from the German band Reamonn. The song is from their fifth studio album, Reamonn. It was released on October 10, 2008, in Germany by Universal under the Island label

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In the video, one sees the world, but drawn by children, and it is being destroyed and getting worse and worse women business casual dresses. Parents are shown quarrelling, while whole woods are being cleared, military tanks are shooting, and icebergs are defrosting due to global warming. Cut in between these scenes, members of the band fade in and out.

[clarification needed]The song is a foretaste from the end of 2008 appearing album “Reamonn”. It becomes in it the change of complex things if one sees that with the eyes of a child. Probably is, that the text Rea Garvey simply fell to write, because he has a young daughter.

The German “2er Track” (CD single):

The song has reached the top 10 in Germany (#6) and the top 15 in Switzerland (#15) and Austria (#13).

Refuge des Sarradets

Le refuge des Sarradets, or refuge de la Brèche de Roland is a mountain refuge in the Pyrenees. It is located in Gavarnie, near la brèche de Roland, in the Pyrenees National Park, at 2,587 m (8,488 ft) high.

The refuge took its names from le col des Sarradets (2,589&nbsp

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United States Away DEMPSEY 8 Jerseys



;m (8,494 ft)) located just a few meters north-west and from le col de la Brèche de Roland located above it.

The cirque de Gavarnie is one of the biggest sites in the Pyrenees and one of the most frequented. The well-known brèche de Roland gives access to the summits of the circus, to the Monte Perdido, to the Taillon, to the Aragonese valleys aso Real Madrid Club de Fútbol Away JAMES 10 Jerseys

Real Madrid Club de Fútbol Away JAMES 10 Jerseys




Le refuge des Sarradets offers 57 places and a restauration service[clarification needed] in running period (May to September), 30 places in non-run period charm bracelets.